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The admission confirms the breakthrough in Paris: 70% of Inter will go to Thohir and his partners. A great history culminated with the treble in 2010 ends here.

Signature is on Monday. The family will have 3 seats on the board of directors and the right to veto…

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Agreement in Paris, signature on Monday. Moratti: “I will no longer be president.”

The family will have three seats in the board of directors and the right to veto the most expensive operations.

The tycoon brings the third partner: Soetedjo with Roeslani.

Milan – Seven words follow 18 painful, intense, glorious years, especially expensive 18 years as Inter president: “Will I remain as president? I don’t know, I don’t think so.” “Moratti as president, now and forever” (“Ora e sempre Moratti presidente”) has been recurring over the years as one of the chants sung by the Curva Nord at the Giuseppe Meazza. In Milan yesterday afternoon, forests of microphones and cameras were found under the house of Massimo Moratti. They wanted the truth from him in the light of the breakthrough in negotiations on Wednesday in Paris with Erick Thohir. The oil tycoon responded as so twice: “Will I remain as president? I don’t know. I don’t think so.” The second time he said it with a smile but at the same time certified the truth that begun in July which was that by the end of October, he will sell 70% of Inter to the team of Erick Thohir for 250 million euros. And now on the horizon is a partnership because for a while now, Moratti has been the person to make decisions personally.

Three in boards of directors A decision made primarily in the interest of Inter but he definitely suffers inside. “Staying at Inter? My family would be for sure,” Moratti stressed again yesterday with the decision. Here is the other side of the coin: the Moratti, albeit with a minority of the shares, will remain at the center in this new Inter as it was decided in Paris that they will occupy three seats in the board of directors. The Moratti family will have the veto power for three years on the most expensive operations (transfers?). Voices suggest that after three years, they will sell the remaining shares to Erick Thohir but no confirmation of this. Selling or not will depend on the will of the remaining Moratti members. What happened in Paris has not certified any obligation or commitment in this regard.

Third Indonesian The rest is all settled. Lacking only signatures from them, Thohir and his partners for the Indonesian group to have necessary power. In the last meeting, we have officially learned that other than Erick Thohir and Rosan Roeslani, who is the most trusted partner that Thohir has, there will be a third ally that is going to be part of this organization to buy a majority stake. Moratti met him a few days ago and it is Handy Soetedjo, Indonesian, a former partner of the tycoon when both were in the process of buying a minority stake of the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA basketball). And the news doesn’t end here: the Moratti family will retain three future members of the board of directors which will go from 14 currently (six of which are from the Moratti family) to 7 seats. The original hypothesis was two Moratti members in a five-seat boards of directors.

Breakthrough Wednesday The agreement, now only needs to be officially announced, was reached on Wednesday night in Paris and in the office of Lazard, the investment bank which has served as advisor to Moratti who stayed in a home in Ile Saint-Louis until 12:40 to have lunch with his son and a little shopping trip while Thohir and his associates left very early. At about 15, with his wife Milly, he headed to the airport and the private plane landed in Linate at about 17:20. A little later, he had the following words to say at his home: “No, no agreement has yet been reached. We must understand how to move forward. This is important as minor thing can blow up the whole deal. The meeting was needed to know each other better and to learn about other people who might be with Thohir in the eventual agreement. We needed this to decide something more. There are no major problems to solve. I love the character of those that I met and this aspect is very important for me. Now, since there are players that cost 100 million, we must understand the need to restructure the club to deal with this type of situation because Inter cannot stay at a different level from that.”

Thohir in October But what will be the face of this new Inter? With AngeloMario intended to keep a seat in board of directors as well as the vice presidency, the president might go to Thohir but it is not obvious. The Indonesian usually denies this position in sport clubs where he became a shareholder and therefore the number one could become his right hand man, his own man of trust, one that guarantees a presence on the territory. Thohir will remain in Indonesia and unless there are surprises, he will NOT return to Europe for the signatures which could come as early as Monday (or at most Tuesday). Furthermore, it is not ruled out that another boards of directors meeting could take place very soon as explained by Moratti that “the agreement could come in a month, if everything goes smoothly.” A few more things still need to be sorted out such as the closing which will provide the actual transfer of shares, with capital increase approved by the shareholders.

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  • masoud

    It makes me much sadder than when I heard JZ got injured :/

    • Inter DiHati

      More than the day ronaldo got injured in Rome or that day when we lost the scudetto on the final game of the year… we will miss that “evil” smile, who always said “we will see what happen…” and then BOOM we signed Vieri, Ronaldo, Baggio, Ibra, Mou, etc.. I love you Moratti!

      • Mini1984

        Well said. I was around 13 when Ronaldo got injured the second time Vs. lazio, I remember that I cried watching him.

  • fendy

    So apparently every era has to come an end and replaced by the another one. Whatever gonna happen, Moratti family has written a great history at Inter.

    • fendy

      A pure coincidence just happened. I watched a movie called “42″ last night and it was a good movie. You can read it here
      I always love a movie about sports, moreover if it’s based on a true story.
      I find the story of this movie is interesting. It’s about the first black american baseball player makes it through to the Major League. But what surprises me the most was when I see Harrison Ford who plays as Branch Rickey, GM of Brooklyn Dodgers who dares to recruit black player to his team. His appearance and gesture quite reminds me of someone whom we all adore of, Mr. Moratti.
      Branch Rickey character is standout, he breaks common code that command to segregate white and black american and give them all a fair chance. It reminds me the philosophy of FC Internazionale which is to give the chance to all the best players inside and outside Italy to join and play in this club. Thanks God, what a great movie.
      Here one picture may describe what I’ve just told you.

      • interd1sia

        you got to watch “Remember The Titans” mate. it has the same spirit. about sports without boundaries :)

        • fendy

          I watched it already too. Denzel Washington is my favorite actor.

  • Inter DiHati

    That picture, Moratti and the CL trophy makes me sad and happy at the same time…

  • Aga Lagolda Putra

    HELL NOOOOO!!! :(((((((((((

  • rob

    did anyone read on fcinternews the article that said thohir wanted to make inter like psg and man city? the translation was sketchy so i may be wrong…

    • hasse77

      The opposite actually.

  • DeJePeh

    Ora e sempre Moratti presidente

  • DARi0

    Finally Michael posted some news! About freakin` time heheh ^^ Where are the other contributors of this site?

    I`m really not convinced by this Thohir guy, as we don’t know what his intentions are. Opposed to the media, I really don’t want to spend all his money on transfers but would rather build a Stadium and name it Giacinto Facchetti.

    • Henry Huang

      he’ll name it stadio erick thohir TT__TT

      • Poida

        Unless he dies, he cant ahah

    • RobinsonRobban

      I don´t Think you need to be worried about Thohir spending all his Money on transfers. DC United just build an own stadium he is well awere that Inter need a new arena to get a good financial situation. I don´t Think Thohir is interested in covering losses like Moratti has done and at the same time buy expensive players.

      I Think Thohir is gonna focus on a new arena, marketing Inter as a World wide brand and focus in Indinesia.

      He has also said that he wants to go the “Arsenal Way” buy Young and talented players and let them develop in the club but not sell them like Arsenal has done and winnig titels.

      You can never now exactly what Thohir is gonna do but he is investing a lot of Money in Inter and he is not interesting in losing all his Money.
      If Moratti is Selling70% of Inter to Thohir then we can be calm becouse Moratti would not do anything that could hurt Inter, this is the only way to go I Think becouse if Moratti had felt that Thohir is the wrong guy he would not have sold Inter to him.

      • Young Assassin

        hasn’t built the stadium yet he has a plan for a stadium near Nat’s Park by the Navy Yard in SW DC still needs approval by 5 city board member’s. I agree with you though his first goal will be target profitability with inter and create it into a worldwide brand targeting Asia and the United States obviously like Real Madrid is doing

  • Ognjen Dakic

    Moratti and Inter forever!

  • James Gordon

    he’s the hero Inter deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, he sell the club, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

    • Forzajuve! $$$

      How emotional…

      • Merdajube

        Go back to you thief club!

      • #4

        it called passion. not like most of your fans who bought ref so they can claim the best club in prison

  • ahmad akbar

    Moratti per sempre

  • MillD

    Build a stadium, keep Mazzarri, listen to Mazzarri’s demands and we can’t go wrong.

    • JustInter

      Only one problem Bro, if Mazzarri is indeed succesfull with Inter. Mazzarri always get a new challenge as soon he is quite succesfull in his current club.

      • Xahi Xixa Armati

        Just like Mourinho. :(

  • Forzajuve! $$$

    Wise choice, Ugly maan!

    • Merdajube

      How tha fuck did u get in here? Gtfo rubefan merda!

    • #4

      aaand you think Agneli is handsome? jerk

      • Kiev7

        Don’t feed the trolls.

      • forzajuve! $$$

        Ofcourse he is! 100000000 times better, handsome and younger than this rotten old hunchbag hehehe, i guess u all look ugly anyway Inter is an ugly club with ugly racist fans and an ugly cheating shinter team along with your president! Merda printer/shinter!

        • Inter4life

          Go lick agnellis hairy ass bitch, someone please remove this troll from this site..

        • ahmad akbar

          fuck you pig shit!!

    • #4

      and this sh*t handsome? jerk

    • ahmad akbar

      fuck you dog shit

    • Ian Lauda

      hey, do us a favor. go back to your club’s shower then bang all your Jupe players again. and dont forget the figc reff too.

  • Branavan

    F. This. Moratti will always be president in my eyes as well as countless Interesti throughout.

  • Manuel

  • Rafael Vieri

    I’m not sold on thohir’s deal…..=/

  • NSP

    If we would ever be able to build a new stadium. It will be called the MORATTI STADIUM

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    I feel bad about it… Hope time prove i’am wrong and something worse i worried didn’t come…

    We will miss you Moratti…

  • Liam31

    I really don’t know why U guys suport an unknown person :( some indonesian fans wrote some short words about him …but not too many conclusions on him .
    Stadium ??? :))) WTF U need 500mil. too bild 60-70k seats buildingcomplex does he have the money in his left pocket ??
    Transfers ?? L0L we already spend 166 mil. pounds in 3 yr’s !!!! How much money do u want to spend for players ??? 500 mil. in 2-3 yr’s ??? :(
    look at BVB,Barca,Lyon,Vilareal,Juve,ATL,Spurs,Sevilla…etc. they didn’t have huge amount of money to raise the flag up….some of them don’t have huge base of fans like we doo ….but they survived for along up there in the spotlight.

    • ahmad akbar

      you make really good point.

    • rockysmooth

      The 500 mil doesn’t come out from his pocket. Obviously Inter(the cluB) will pay for a portion, the owner might add a few more mills and the rest is always burrowed from a bank. You are kinda silly for thinking an owner of a club would drop 500 mil for a stadium. Where have you ever seen that? The club already has been saving some money aside for the stadium for years. The owner will contribute some and the rest will be gotten from Inter’s lenders.

      • Liam31

        -We are saving money for the stadium ? pls give us much more info broo’ . :)

        -money from bank’s ?? realy ?? clubs in deabt will be punished by UEFA firs off all. + we already have some money to pay to the banks.
        -owners of Arsenal, YES they are paying the stadium from theyr pockets !! 5-6 mil./month don’t know exactly !!
        this “thing” EMIRATES corporation they build the emirates stadium for Arsenal some yr’s ago with no big obligation for the club.
        The only thing hoo stop us to have an new stadium it’s MONEY.

        • Solberg – Norway

          You havent understood the rules of FFP properly. Debt from e.g. building of stadium dont count in this regard. There will be a mix of owner, bank and, maybe, club investment. The reason of FFP, is to stop rich owners to pour money in to the club and inflate the market and also get a unfair benefit. The rule is also created to place a limit to the overall spending of the club, ensuring that it will be self sufficient and thus not be in larger debt for every passing year.

          • Liam31

            Debt’s of any kind will bring sanction from UEFAlona ….
            UEFA Club Financial Control Body !!!
            get your FACT’s befor broo’ :(
            Platini in 2010 make some comments on Inter for financial problems (we have some money borrowed from bank)
            If one or another team with an outstanding debt will be fined/banned etc. look at Malaga the biggest ex.

          • Solberg – Norway

            No that is not right. What about the debt for clubs as real and man u then? Believe me, i know i Am right when i say that it is the turnover of the club who matter. As of the ffp rule the clubs should break even as a minimum in a few years.
            Just to name good news though bro. Italy is one of the leagues with lowest debt now, England one of the worst. :) to be honest. Inter will never be sancioned(if they keep this path), because they are setting an example to follow for other clubs. Inter and serie will be back on top in very few years. Keep your head up:)

          • Liam31

            No . It’s verry simple. It’s all about the financial balance of the club.

            Real has an income of 500 mil./yr => they can spend 300/yr(player buy,bank loan,other expediture,wages)
            Inter problem it’s simple as fuk :( aprox. 150mil./ yr don’t know exactly.

          • Solberg – Norway

            Yes, thats what i said. Hence: “turnover” and “break even”..

          • Sean S. Patrick

            Money invested in infrastructure (I.e. stadia, youth facilities, training facilities and commercial facilities) are not sanctionable by FFP. These are seen as sound investments in the club and for the growth and development of the game. Fact.

      • Young Assassin

        i agree with you but the owner of the Dallas Cowboys came out of his own pocket to build jerry’s world aka Cowboys stadium

  • transferguru

    Read a translation of the original interview with moratti on and this seems to be a little twisted :)

  • sby

    this is sad, really really sad, this time we know how much we loved this guy, just like we loved el capitano, even mourinho is nothing if we compared to this guy.

  • Ahmad

    at least now nagatomo will have one of his kind