Esteban Cambiasso

Alessio Tacchinardi talks about perhaps the most important duel on Saturday between Cambiasso and Pirlo.

“Both can be very decisive on Saturday. They have always been crucial players for their teams and will surely be that again in this Italian derby. Both have different characteristics with Cambiasso is more muscular (stronger) while Pirlo is one of those champions that will always give his club quality. Perhaps Andrea has more weapons in his game as he can decide a match with a free kick or a pass and so as a midfielder, he has something more (than Cambiasso). Pirlo can do more harm to the opposition thanks to the ability to invent.

On the other side, Cambiasso is more physical and plays the role differently. The Argentinian is coming back to that player of a few years ago which was extremely important for the Inter midfield. I have always liked Esteban’s quality and character, he has pride and that is an important characteristic. I think that his pride can compensate for the quality of Pirlo.”

Source: Tuttosport


  • mongkih

    well, hopes that you’re right about chucu’s back on his good old standard of perform :D

  • mzhy7

    I dont think he ll be ever back to his old. I would put Taider for this game actually. I love Cambiasso but he is in decline.

  • MerdaJube

    His time is over after stanko, i would put zanetti in his position.

    • interd1sia

      damn you already said what i just wanted to say. if zanetti comeback and jonathan can keep his form as he is right now, then i would prefer zanetti to be in chuchu’s place. if zanetti can at least keep half of his greatness before than i think that would still be better than what chuchu offers now

      • InteristaPerSempre

        Thank you so much esteban for the beautiful years, but now you aren’t a player for starting every week. Naingolan was the new Cambiasso

    • Chalon

      Zanetti is not a DM, cannot play in front of the defense.

      • MerdaJube

        What? He played as DM next to thaigo motta under ranieri and leonardo… besides, he can play anywhere on the pitch.

  • interd1sia

    instead of cambiasso i think guarin or alvarez would be better to face pirlo and giving him the same discomfort that he had when we won at turin. pirlo is a regista so he won’t really come forward often while chuchu is more of stay behind defensive midfielder so i don’t think both would had some battle going on. chuchu’s job is to cover vidal especially because marchisio won’t play

  • Zoki

    We have to admit that Juve has a stronger midfield than us at the moment. The likes of Pirlo, Vidal, Pogba, Marchisio,..And I say this as a huge Inter fan. But this is football and you never know, I do think that we have a chance to win.

  • Big Sexy

    I still believe in Cambiasso, he is our best DM.