Mauricio Isla

Sky commentator Giorgio Porra looks back at the transfer window and talks about the goal that Inter had in mind which was Mauricio Isla. The Chilean was considered an ideal player for Walter Mazzarri but everything didn’t come through despite the fact that he is not playing at Juventus.

“The Inter coach wanted him because Isla knows how to take advantage of the space ahead of him and is deadly on the counterattack. At Juventus he is not player because he is not good enough to beat his man, the must  have ability that Conte’s wingers need to have.”

Source: Sky


  • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

    Well, Juventus didn’t want to sell him to Inter, maybe if a club came through that wasn’t Juve’s rival in Italy, they would have sold him without making any drama about it.
    The transfer fell apart not because of Isla, but because of Inter.

    • Augustus

      No my friend it is eventually down to Isla – if the guy really wanted Inter soo bad he would have chosen us over those zebra when the time came to leave Udine in the first place. I hope no Interesti feel any sort of sympathy as this guy CHOSE to go to juBe.

      • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

        Well, it’s not that I think he is in *love* with Inter now, but I know he would accept a transfer to Inter this time because it is a club that suits him. Mazzarri likes him, he would get to play, and for a club where the pressure wouldn’t be as high as playing for Juventus.
        The fact that he holds no “romantic feelings” for Inter this time around, as he didn’t the last time, means nothing. There are lots of players who play for Inter (and all other clubs in the world) who don’t love the club per se, but just feel they belong there at that very time, they fit in. Isla would fit in with Inter this season, and we would be very lucky to have him.

        So don’t disrespect the guy for not choosing Inter over the much hotter prospect of Juventus at the time he made the move. It is, after all, only professionalism.

        • Augustus

          I would like to see where I “disrespected” the player in my post? We both know that for a transfer to take place we need the selling club willing to play ball which they are obviously not willing to do unless Inter pays over the odds for the player. Given that he is surplus to requirements at his current club, we should be getting a discount on the transfer rather than the other way around. To say that the transfer failed because of Inter seems more disrespectful I should think.

          If we ended up paying the 8 odd million that was being requested for one half surely we fans would be the first to complain about us always overpaying for average players. If we do have to overpay we rather get Zuniga (or any other winger) from a different club. I would also like to see where in my post I said that we should only sign players that claim they “love” the club? I am sure most fans (including you and me) are not naive enough to believe a new signing when they say they dreamed of playing for Inter since their childhood!

          I also think that playing for Inter involves no less pressure than playing for juBe so if dealing with a high pressure atmosphere is an issue for the player, he might try to get a transfer to Bologna (with all due respect) instead.

          If we did ever sign him, for a club of our stature (even given the current climate) I wouldn’t really consider us to ever be “lucky” to have him. He would be fortunate to get a chance to wear the black and blue :)

          • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

            Inter is less pressure to play for because they aren’t playing in Europe and because all in all they are a couple of steps behind Juventus right now (despite the fact Inter played just as good as Juve tonight, Inter have one competition less to play in this season – the most difficult one, and they are all about reducing the pressure this season as they are looking to start anew).
            “Disrespected” might have been a little too strong a word from my side, so I apologize for that, but my point was we shouldn’t dislike and reject the prospect of signing him right now because he didn’t want to sign for Inter before and chose Juventus instead (because truth be told, Juve was a better option). It’s not about sympathy, it’s about opportunity – I think Inter could have used Isla this season, and Mazzarri has mentioned he wants him on multiple occasions.
            I got the impression you were insistent on at least a baisc emotional bond between new players and Inter from the fact that you seemed offended he chose Juve before. I see it was not the case now that you’ve elaborated.
            Also, my point wasn’t that Inter was to blame about the transfer falling apart, but rather that they were just unlucky to happen to be one of Juve’s biggest rivals.
            As for overpaying for Isla, I don’t think 8 million is too much for a guy the coach really wants, perhaps especially compared to 7 million for 50% of Belfodil. He would only have been fortunate to move to Inter because he would be getting more playing time, everything else is at best the same as being in Juventus right now. It would have been a mutually useful transfer, and the point is it was too bad it didn’t happen (lets shoot Conte!).

            Bottom line, I feel you’ve taken me the wrong way, it wasn’t my intention to sharpen the rhetoric of this post, our positions turn out to be quite similar, I just got the wrong impression from your first post, sorry.

          • Augustus

            Point taken..though I still hold that 8 million for 50% of Isla might be much (though I don’t disagree that we overpaid for Belfodil too. In fact read a lot of posts when we signed him that we made have over paid on him). 16 million for Isla versus maybe 20? for Zuniga? I personally think for a winger position that is so crucial for our current formation if we have to over pay we should try to get the Colombian as he seems the better player even though he is a couple of years older (he will give company to Guarin if nothing else ;) !!

            Not defending the transfer business as a whole but I’m just happy you are not bashing on the Inter management come rain or shine like a lot of other ‘fans’ do. I am sure if Isla was with another club (say Parma or Bologna) and if the price evaluation differed by half a million or so, Inter would have budged but this is much more so than that given with who we are dealing with plus we also have to deal with Udinese for the other half and am sure you know by now they are never fun to deal with when it comes to transfers!

  • Rafael Vieri

    The best right back / wingback in the world.

    Bring him in January!!!!!!

    • Xkirei

      you forgot Jonathan now! hahha

      • Rafael Vieri

        Jonathan is doing great, but better safe than sorry hahah

  • dipesh

    jonny boy is now worth more then him

  • M. Ikhsan Habib Lubis

    not sure that we can land him in january. even the other players for rb that has been linked to us, went to the clubs like genoa (vrsaljko) and catania (peruzzi). sigh

  • Wickedpedia PHil

    the current jonathan in ten times better than isla at his best but if inter insists then we should at least get someone better than jonathan

  • Dragon

    of any player in this world, why Inter must buy a regular benchwarmer?
    with jono, wallace and zanetti, isla is not needed. Maybe Mazzarri should buy a left-footed wing back to cover nagatomo, Pereira? sell him right away.

  • Memo Memo

    not upset about it at all….Juventus are enemies and thats how enemies should treat eachother

  • interista

    Merda juveeeeeeeeeeee

  • slim_blues_boy

    look at the bright side.
    we re-found JONATHAN!

  • Fernando Martinez

    he played today

  • Fernando Martinez

    he played today

  • DirettaInter

    We should still try and get him in January!

  • Fez Faisal H

    Taider > Vidal, Ricky > jube

  • iman

    what a sucker conte is..
    he does not give isla a minute to play in previous games..prevents his move to inter then gives him a half against inter in meazza..

    he still is damaged by seria b history of juve..

  • ahmad akbar

    we should’ve signes vrsalijko. his 3 last games with genoa is impressive. the boy really has some talents. he adapts quite fast to serie A at his very young age..

  • CasperV

    And we want Fedenerazzurra but you guys are not even writting! ;)

  • Mini1984


    • CasperV

      Yes strange – I though they had many writters to write for them but everyone of them seems to by on hollyday..

  • interista81

    Big things coming just around the corner for the clu and no articles here at fedenerazzurra !! Breaking news that will change the club for forever !!! Hey.. whats going on with this site????