Vamos Milito

In a lengthy interview with Sky, Inter forward Diego Milito not only talks about Juventus but he also discusses the possibility that Moratti is going to sell the club.

“I see a very calm Moratti, very serene. He is too tied to Inter and what he is going to do will be for the club’s benefits. The days that we saw him, he was very calm,” said Milito.

On the World Cup and the fans. “Well, to play in that event you need to be at top form but for now I only think to get back playing and to be at Inter. The fans? I feel indebted to them as they were pushing me to a recovery and have been doing so. I want to return to the field to give them great satisfaction.”

Source: Sky


  • Zoki

    That’s a true leader of a club. Willing to part with it only because its good for the club, not for him. Moratti, huge respect!