Fredy Guarin

Speaking to Tuttosport, Fredy Guarin reveals his intention for the future.

“My renewal? If the club tells me that they want to renew my contract then I would do it in a heartbeat. That is my dream. I want to keep playing at Inter for a long time. The transfer market rumors? I was very calm because I decide where I go. I have been working very hard all summer to play even better. My dream as Inter player? To ensure that this team gets back on top just like the days of Mourinho and we can start that by winning the league,” said Guarin.

Source: Tuttosport


  • InteristaPerSempre

    Il Guaro. Your de best Inter player at this point. Stay at us and become a legend.
    Renew verry soon

    • Mini1984

      Not the very best – but has huge potential to still improve. Plus i am very happy he says “i would in a heartbeat”

  • mongkih

    well said man. hope you can keep your consistency up high :D

  • casebykeisuke

    True interisti, that’s what we always need for the team!!

  • Zoki

    That’s nice to hear. A player always performs better if he plays in a club for which he wants to play.

  • Fernando Martinez

    I’d like to see him in the place that Alvarez is playing right now… as a kind of 2nd striker

    • Manuel Adrović

      are you serious? he played that position last season 2nd part and he was one of the worst players on the pitch, even baby could see it is not his natural position. alvarez now under walter is way better than him on that position. so please, guarin can only play classic cm, and also needs a coach for his discipline in the game just like walter is, he puts his feet on the ground and puts him out of the game… other than that, great player, he can be one of the best :)

      • Fernando Martinez

        yes i am serious.

        same thing could be said for Alvarez… UNTIL Mazarri put him in that position he wasn’t good neither as CM or as 2nd striker… i’d like Mazzarri give Guarin a try.

        Anyway… if you watched the game today, Guarin AND Alvarez played pretty much the same position behind Palacio supplying the balls for him, Alvarez on the left and Guarin on the right… they both got to the opposite box to attack and they both backtracked almost to their own box to defend.

        I was serious… AND my wish was satisfied ;)