Ishak Belfodil

The summer transfer window just ended a few weeks ago and now we have new rumors on Algerian forward Ishak Belfodil. According to RadioMercato, the player is under observation by Fiorentina scouts who might already think of him this January. Obviously this is just a rumor as there is no negotiation in progress. Inter have no intention of letting him go and we will see if this intention remains just that comes January.

Source: Radio Mercato


  • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

    Inter should have bought Rossiiiiii… -.-

    Anyway, I wonder who they would buy if they give Belfodil away.

    • DirettaInter

      They would never do it, but we should offer Fiorentina cash + Belfodil for Rossi…

  • MillD

    How about no?

  • casebykeisuke

    Da pic lol

  • SpiritPro

    never sell anyone or anything to those della valle SCUMS

    • Augustus

      Fiorentina hates gobbi too just like we do so Inter and Fio have that in common ;)

  • TiAmoInter96

    Maybe on Loan?
    If Inter buys someone.

  • Xahi Xixa Armati

    Yes, if we get another better striker. I know, asking for Lavezzi or Sanchez now is utopia.