Ricardo Alvarez

In an interview with La Stampa, Ricardo Alvarez speaks briefly of the match this Sunday as well as his reason to stay at Inter.

“A very important match for us and for the fans but it is too soon to give out prediction. A negative result will not change the fate of the league. Why did I stay at Inter? Because I was never down, not even when I was being criticized for lack of consistency in my performances. I want to prove that I can do well with this shirt.”

Source: La Stampa




  1. anonimac says:

    You can do very much, just keep your form high and you will be one of our crucial players!

    P.S. Keep the posts coming guys, I’m very euphoric and enjoy reading every single article. ;)

  2. Big Sexy says:

    IMO he is our best player overall after those 2 Serie A games.

  3. Rafael Vieri says:

    doing really good so far. I like his energetic style of football……that is kindda what we been missing over the feel years.

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