Present at Ata Hotel Executive in Milan is also Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini as he is seeking to refine the latest negotiations both incoming and outgoing. On the list of outgoings, as reported by Tutto Mercato Web, there is also Marquinho who is really liked at Inter and Juventus. However, with the recent rejection of Galatasaray to Pereira, it is very unlikely that Inter will step forward to sign the Brazilian winger of Roma.

Source: TMW


  • NSP

    I don’t know much about this guy, but surely he’s better than Pereira!!!!

    • Rafael Vieri

      He really isn’t…..

      • NSP

        i don’t know much about him, can he cross?

        • Gio Giorgi

          he is good at attack.

          • Rafael Vieri

            Agree, but I’m not sure that is good enough for a LB…maybe he would be more suitable for the AMC role.

          • #4

            maybe he can be Ricky subs since poor Kovacic got injured..

        • Rafael Vieri

          Not as good as you’d expect, and not good defending at all…one of the worse on that aspect. If I’m not mistaken, the reason is that this guy is an AMC and not a LWB. At least, if I’m not mistaken, that was his position when playing for Fluminense….so it’s understandable that he is a mess defensivelly. wouldn’t sign him.

      • Ahmed Haider Sultan

        even if he isnt …think about this, sell perriera for 8m…buy marquinho for 4M….surplus 4

        sell kuzmanovic for 4-5, plus money from morattis pockets

        12m Boom = fernando

    • Vincent Christian

      Better in attack, Worse in Defend..

      • Richard

        Nope..Pereira even can’t defense..His defensive capabilities is the worst..

  • Oliver

    make it happen!!