Ezequiel Lavezzi

The biggest rumor that we have had so far is undoubtedly that of Ezequiel Lavezzi. French sources are spreading words that he could arrive here at Inter on loan (paid) with right to purchase. However, according to FC Inter News, there are no confirmations on this front and we should not take this rumor seriously.

Source: FC Inter News


  • http://www.legalize.it/ DARi0

    If we had money, we would have bought a midfielder.

  • anonimac

    Aww come on, Moratti, surprise us. I know we have no money but I’m always kinda hopping that someone special will arrive in the end. If not Lavezzi then Zuniga… But I’m most likely only daydreaming… :/

  • casebykeisuke

    Lavezzi Lavezzi Lavezzi!!

  • demon

    forget it nobody is coming that it its too late


    nothing wrong to dream………LOL ^_^

  • Ndi Donk

    i prefer to have a horsepower midfield and a wingback that can play left or right