Massimo Moratti

MILAN – Massimo Moratti stopped to speak to reporters outside his offices in the centre of Milan this afternoon. This is what the president had to say.

Were you surprised by Inter’s 3-0 win or the fact that Mazzarri has racked up three wins from three games without conceding a goal? 
“Having spoken to Mazzarri and seen how focused the players were, I expected them to put in a good performance and it was an excellent performance. That’s very good and they did it playing well too. It was lovely football to watch at an extremely tough ground.”

Alvarez and Jonathan have had an upturn in fortunes. Did you guess, hope or think that might happen?
“They were bought because we could see they had talent. Alvarez did some very good things last year too and now they’re playing at a really high level, so that’s great. I’m glad that we invested in them and that Mazzarri has got the best out of them.”

How far can this team go now? The fans are already starting to dream.
“We’ve only played two league games. The team can go a long way if they keep playing with the same focus and as well as they have been.”

Isn’t it a bit of a shame that Inter v Juventus comes right after the international break?
“These games come around when they come around. They’re always great games so it’s fine as it is.”

Which of the new players has surprised you the most?
“I knew that Campagnaro was good but he looks even better than I thought. I haven’t been surprised by any of the others: we signed them precisely for the qualities that I see in them.”

Did Mazzarri specifically ask for Taider?
“Yes, he asked for Taider. We were tracking him anyway but Mazzarri really wanted him.”

Do you expect any last-minute surprises this evening?
“I’d better run upstairs and check… [laughing].”

A comment on Kakà and AC Milan’s decision to bring him back?
“An excellent move by Milan. As for sticking to tradition, it’s for them to decide so I’ll pass no judgement on that, but yes I’m glad we’ll see Kakà playing in Italy again.”



  • Mini1984

    Our classy president – I liked his comment on kaka signing

    • anonimac

      I wish he remains president even when Thohir buys Inter.

  • ibaldaus

    My superb president…

  • DeJePeh

    Even he’s surprised with Campagnaro.. Agree with you, President..