Ezequiel Lavezzi

According to various sources in France, PSG star, Ezequiel Lavezzi could be on his way to the Giuseppe Meazza tonight as the Nerazzurri have already bid €7 million for a season-long loan deal with the remaining €13 million being paid off in the returning summer transfer window. At the moment, Inter and representatives of 28 year-old Lavezzi are still negotiating as time trickles down this deadline day.

Source: PassioneInter.net


  • gg

    no need for him, if you reject inter for the big money so fuck you

  • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

    Rubbish, they won’t splash money they don’t have on Lavezzi while they have problems in midfield.
    Inter have said they need to sell before they buy, and even if they do manage to sell someone, they will buy either a winger or a midfielder.

    • interistaaaaaa

      great line of thought, most here are just happening due to emotion we need solid, consistent and proven players in our mid and wing position … with th horrific cambiasso displays im afraid of going against a terrifying mid like the one of napoli, juve, and fio they will just tear us apart and our defense would be blamed, while everyone knows that in a good 3-5-2 the DMF and CM work rate must be incredibly high and almost perfect to protect the defense as well as attack

  • nazr

    Don’t play with my emotions this way, pls don’t!

    • Uche Esele Akahome

      I know right. They got me jumping on my bed like a little kid.

      • nazr

        Word, now i can’t stop refreshing this page to see if it’s legit.

        • Orpheus

          hahahaha….you guys are funny

  • Young Assassin

    Remember Thohir said he was gonna bring Lavezzi as his first major signing! Well if news reports are correct Thohir should be taking over inter in the next few weeks! His money could be used for Lavezzi we run a 3-4-3 Lavezzi Milito Palacio we’d win the league easy!

  • Ren

    Lavezzi is good. but 20 mil for 28y/o player? Its too much

    • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

      It’s completely normal for him to be worth 20 mil, he’s got his best years ahead of him and is part of a team who paid a lot of money for him (26 million euros, to be precise).
      If Bale can be worth 120 million, anyone can be worth 20.
      The problem is, it’s not gonna happen, it’s probably a false story.

  • Monroy

    Mira que al Inter le falta la contratacion de una estrella, todos pensamos que seria Etoo..viendo el ultimo partido del Inter, es necesario una estrella, que el equipo entero juegue para el

  • Xahi Xixa Armati

    If Jonathan and Alvarez play all season like til now and if Lavezzi comes we’re for sure in big three and maybe more.

    • Young Assassin

      we’d for sure win Scudetto with Lavezzi

      • K9


        • Young Assassin

          our wingers are solid defense getting better each game 0 allowed goals so far Milito back healthy Palacio playing solid we get a player like Lavezzi its a wrap

          • K9

            Keep dreaming.

          • interistaaaaaa

            no a player like porto’s fernado or yann m’villa is a dream… so cambiasso can be well replaced for proven players

      • Augustus

        Plz dont say stuff like this. Its fans like you that heap more pressure on the team than is needed. Let me guess you will also be the first to call for Mazzarri to be sacked if we lose to juBe and draw the next 2 games after that. I read so many Inter for scudetto last season after we beat jubE it was ridiculous and funny…those were the same guys who could not wait fr Strama to be sacked.

        Get a grip man and let the young guys play their game.

    • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

      Lets not overestimate Inter just because they’ve won the first two games… The chance there is any truth in this piece of news is about 1 in a million, and Inter still have a lot to learn before they can be considered Scudetto contenders. We started last season pretty well too, but then we got ahead of ourselves. Give them time and keep a low tone, Mazzarri will do his job in time.

      • Xahi Xixa Armati

        I didn’t mention scudetto. We are far weaker from Juve and Napoli. I’m very realist and sometimes pesimistic fan.

        • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

          My comment was actually meant for the comment below, sorry :)

          • Xahi Xixa Armati

            Alright. :)

  • A~Nerazzurri

    i say NO . if we want a star in market has better option to buy .

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    if we get lavezzi and marquinho today …..i am going to be the happiest mother fucker alive

  • NSP

    Ladies and Gentlemen we are in for a show tonight!!!!!

  • peacemania

    In what position Lavezzi will play? Coz I dont see we need another forward signing…We need Left Wings player.

  • Justin Evans


  • Ndi Donk

    where is his spot in our recent formation…???
    i don’t see he will fit in mazzari’s formation so far…
    unless mazzari will play 3-4-3 formation…