Fernando is far and far away from Inter. According to the online edition of the Daily Mail, the central midfielder of Porto will wear the shirt of Everton this season. The English club has won the resistance of the Dragoes thanks to an offer of 15 million pounds which is about 18 million euros. However, this news has been denied by sources like O Jogo which is very closed to the Portuguese club.

Source: Daily Mail – O Jogo




  1. Pedro2K says:

    If that’s the price Porto is asking, so sorry, not worth it.

  2. Rafael Vieri says:

    Ahah people were talking about PSG, Monaco, Inter…..and the guy would got stuck with Everton???

    I don’t believe it, sorry.

  3. totonero80 says:

    LOL, you named Inter alongside huge financial name like PSG, Monaco :D :D :D, it’s definitely that such team like PSG, Monaco don’t like Fernando (otherwise they can sign him instantly). Not sure about the reliability of this news but the reality is nowaday, good player can easily choose such average team in EPL like Everton instead of Inter.

  4. interfan@asean says:

    If it’s true then….I’m truly sad we lost (again) in the competition by the likes of Everton

  5. Bellal Amerkhail says:

    apparently Feliani to UTD so everton got him as a replacement?

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