We have about 8 more hours until the end of the transfer window. Mazzarri wants one more signing and for that to happen, Inter must be in right condition to do so. According to the Corriere dello Sport, the player wants to leave Roma and Inter could offer a paid loan with right to purchase fixed at 4 million euros at the end of the season.

Source: CdS


  • tifointer

    Why we have to substitute one bad choice and average player like Pereira with another in the name of Marquinho? If he have some qualities,why don’t show it in Roma?

    • syahrul sembarang

      if mazzarri want him in his squad, then we should try to sign him as a gift?:D

      • A~Nerazzurri

        i see him in rome . not good for us .

        • Da Ruan

          Jono was not good for us either, see what mazarri could do with him. even if he turned out shit, 4M is not a big money compare to what we have wasted, and we still have Yuto. mazarri wants him means he is completely give pereira up

    • Memo Memo

      periera is absolute trash we gave him many chances and he fails to prove anything …i am sure even if marqinho aint that good he would still be better than periera .

    • neroazzurro87

      So what do you want? The simple reason is this kind of player matches Inter situation, and we can’t afford better player. End.

  • dipesh

    we should try getting lucas moura on loan dont think he will be playing much at psg this season menez in form, lavezzi ibra and cavani and pastore all ahead in the pecking order seeing they play 442

  • Dublos

    We are covered in the wing back positions. What we need is Fernando not mediocre Marquinho. Unless we get any deadline day surprises I think our Mercato ended with Taider.

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Ahh… Not Inter material… I think Inter already have ideal squad, perfect if pereira out…

  • Big Sexy

    IMO he’s better than Pereira, and if Mazzari thinks he’s good, we should trust him.

  • Oliver

    marquinho + fernando + isla = what a good day

  • Wickedpedia PHil

    just play Wallace or simply keep naga give that 4 million to charity if you’re insisting on buying this kid /wasting your money