Juan Camilo Zuniga

In interview with Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Carlo Laudisa, Zuniga’s agent Riccardo Calleri clarifies his client’s future.

“Napoli have always shown great interest in wanting to keep him. He is not for sale at the moment. We will see because there’s been much interest from all over Europe and from a big club. This is a fact. We will take everything into consideration.”

Source: GdS


  • casebykeisuke

    If zuniga is our last minute signing, i will be more than happy:)

    • anonimac

      He is just what we need since he can play both at Nagatomo and Jonathan’s spot. If we can’t get him this summer I hope Mazzari will convince him to join us once his contract expires.

      • casebykeisuke

        I dont understand why inter didn’t bid on zuniga seriously cuz full purchase of isla is almost same as zuniga and zuniga is far better than isla