Marco Branca: “Inter’s transfer market is closed.”

Ausilio: “Olsen stays. Biraghi to Catania. More signings? No.”

Sky – Juve ready to close for Marquinho.

Marco Andreolli to Napoli for Cannavaro. Agent: “No he stays.”

Here’s why Iturbe not coming to Inter.

No confirmation on Lavezzi rumors.

Cagliari president: “Nainggolan stays.”

Sky – Juve and Roma to discuss Marquinho.

Cagliari rejected Inter request for Sau.

Paventi: “No further signings for Inter.”

Deadline transfer: Lavezzi?

Sky – With the sale of Assou-Ekotto, Tottenham could return for Pereira.

A Bola – Porto also want Balanta.

OFFICIAL – Obi to Parma on loan.

Sky announces: “Obi to Parma on loan.” The formula…

Agent: “Zuniga is not for sale but we will see…”

Roma director in Milan. Marquinho…

It’s done. Obi can be considered a Parma player.

TMW – Galatasaray said no to Pereira.

Daily Mail – Everton have signed Fernando.

Tuttosport – Kuzmanovic dreams of Milan move?

Agent: “Isla is not for sale.”

Parma and Inter ready to close Obi deal.

CdS – Here’s the formula to sign Marquinho.

Marquinho wants Inter, not Juventus.

CdS – Mazzarri hoping for one last signing.

Marc Oliver Kempf to end up at Juventus.

Ishak Belfodil should stay at Inter.

GdS – No more attacking signing for Inter.

If Kuzmanovic leaves, Obi could stay.

Lack of offers for Alvaro Pereira.

Inter will focus on Marquinho in last few hours of transfer window.

Here is one last demand for Walter Mazzarri.


  • Michael

    Feel free to add any tips of how to stay awake. I NEED THEM.

    • ahmad akbar

      enough water, caffeine,chocolate and peanuts :)..thanks for the update mate

    • Grande

      Red Bull, coffee and Coca Cola :-)

    • misroom

      drink coke mate.. :D…
      and thanks a lot for the update.. i hope there will be surprises… a good kind :D

    • Rudolv

      Jumping jacks, and high knee workout mike. :)

    • DARi0

      Increase your food intake and make sure you are well hidrated (water is always the best). I would never recommend coca~cola or redbull, but you should try FRESH orange juice (containes vitamin C that will keep you awake) or natural GREEN TEA.


    • Mahdi Torabinejad

      vyvanse & monster…


      green/black tea & an apple.

      your choice chacho

    • Bellal Amerkhail

      wash your face with cold water!

    • 1nteristi

      ask a damn hot chick to accompany you in your room..i guarantee you will stay awake..not only you..but also your little brother will stay awake !!

    • 1nteristi

      By the way mike, any info about the injury of Kovacic? im worried about him..

    • qwerty

      Put Alvaro Perreira or Silvestre as your desktop wallpaper pic, I bet you will be able stay awake for hours lol

    • Poida

      Strippers and cocaine

    • interd1sia

      put some rope on your neck, tie the other end on a tree or so and semi hang yourself. so if you get sleepy you’ll get hanged. and then walah your automatically wake up :)

      • Grande


      • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

        Buahahahahahahahahahaaa… Good joke…

      • Julian Mercieca


    •!/jakubkralka Jakub Kralka

      Try to remember about us, Inter Family all over the world who count on you ;)

    • #4

      nah, you can make it Mike. cause you same with us all curious about last-minute-star-signing :)

    • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

      Dream you kissing some guy, buahahahahahaha… i bet you prefer to stay awake than go back to sleep…

    • gsvir

      Burn your neighbour’s house :D

    • Solberg – Norway

      Coffee, coffee, coffee. Ohh, wait.. Did i mention coffee? Yes, drink coffee. Lots of it. If you dont like it, drink espresso. If you feel really adventourus, add a lot of water too. If youre lucky you will keep going on the toilett to water the plants once every ten minutes.. In this way you will exerzise your legs to, keeping your blood floating through your body and brain to keep you energized and fresh-minded. The news you say? Yes, you may have time for those too;p this is the smallest tip i can offer. If it dont work, drink coffee;)

    • Wickedpedia PHil

      you need talent in this case it’s called insomnia ….i’m gifted myself …LMAO

  • bambamzamorano

    the funny thing about this year transfer market is the MR.X which moratti mention, from Paulinho, Nainggolan, and now I don’t think we will sign any star player. Whereas milan sign KAKA for nothing, is not that Im not pleased with the current squad, but if fernando and isla is sign before this transfer market ends, that would be the icing on the cake

    • Rob

      No chance, if anyone it’s marquinho

      • Mike

        We should sign Paulinho, finally..

        • Big Sexy

          How are u?

          • Mike

            Impatient, no concrete transfer news in the last day of this transfer window

          • Big Sexy

            Paulinho is in Tottenham for a month alredy.

  • bambamzamorano

    to be honest all the players we have been buying this year is just being bench by Mazzari, so I don’t think our transfer market has been successful this year beside from Campagnaro, with all the injury we have last year, the player that were injured seems like a new signing.

  • nath_87

    Any last day deals yet for inter??

  • InterFin

    All I want is Fernando! Quality trequarista would be a plus but it’s not gonna happen anyway…

  • mo

    fernando, marrone and 18 german defernder are gone!!!