Leonardo and Massimo Moratti


Turin based newspaper, Tuttosport reports that Moratti and Thohir have both agreed on hiring Leonardo back at Inter. The former Brazilian superstar coached the Nerazzurri for six months during the 2010-2011 season but then left the Giuseppe Meazza for a director’s role at Ligue 1 giants, PSG. Leonardo recently left his post at the French club just days ago due to a lengthy suspension for assaulting a referee after one of Les Parisiens’ games. Since the suspension was given to him by the French Football Federation and because the ruling can only be enforced in France, the former Milan playmaker is free to join the Nerazzurri as an addition to the Inter management anytime soon.

Source: Tuttosport


  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    yes!! with more cash in our hands and leonardos excellent transfer dealings…nothing can be more perfect, we have struck GOLD

  • mongkih

    forget lucas, forget paulinho. leo will bring us so many brazilian talents :D

  • gg

    That mean no branca; Big Like

  • Dublos

    I hope this is true but TS are full of crap sooo.

  • Dejan Vorkapic

    And what about Sandro Mazzola? He said he will stop supporting us if Leonardo comes back… As much as I want to see Leonardo as our director, I don’t want to see Mazzola turning his back on us… What to do, what to do…

    • MillD

      If he even thinks about stopping to support Inter then he never was a true fan. I don’t give a damn about what he did with Inter, true fans don’t bail.

      • Dejan Vorkapic


      • Fernando Martinez


        “Mazzola was not a true fan”

        Do you even know who Sandro Mazzola is???

        and what’s even more… do you even know who Leonardo is and on which team he played???

        If you know both and don’t care… then, you, sir, are a prick… a total prick…


        “Mazzola was not a true fan”

        HINT: he was part of the GRANDE INTER of Helenio Herrera


        “Mazzola was not a true fan”

        I don’t know if start to cry or laugh when i see “fans” like you….

        “Mazzola was not a true fan”


        • Dejan Vorkapic

          You’re going over the top with that kind of coment, and you are also misquoting MillD. I agree with you that he is a nerazzurro through and through but countless players switched from one side to the other, and no one ever thought of abandoning our colors for that. Mazzola has a special place in our history but i think he is overreacting now, i don’t understand what made him feel that way. Leonardo can only strengthen our club.

          • Fernando Martinez

            i know i’m over the top…

            but stating “Mazzola is not a true fan” is also over the top…

        • MillD

          I know everything i have to know about Herrera’s Inter and who Mazzola is.

          • Fernando Martinez

            so, you know and don’t care…

          • MillD

            I’m thankful for everthing he has done but if he says that he doesn’t want to support Inter anymore then he can’t be a fan by heart, even if he acomplished all the things he did.

    • slim_blues_boy

      Materazzi also didn’t like Leonardo.

  • miz

    unrelyable source :/

  • soundevilz

    hell yeah! he can join us immediately!

  • Erol

    Please don’t, He choose PSG over Inter 2 years ago. Now he’s unemployed because his own mistake, a very stupid mistake. I don’t care about how he can give us advantage over brazilian talent. Im sorry but i think he should serve his ban, his action is intolerable.

  • chili

    I hope so much this means that Branca will leave!

  • Julian Mercieca

    please make it happen!