Mauricio Isla

Transfer expert Mario Giunta, makes a bold statement in light of recent events surrounding the Isla transfer negotiations.

“Mauricio Isla will go to Inter,” said Giunta at the SkySport24 studios. This comes as talks have broken down as Juventus have decided to cancel negotiations, presumably until they can assure the arrival of Zuniga. The Chilean wants Inter, and Inter (at least up until now) have wanted him. Inter is currently looking at alternatives, but are in no terrible hurry, as there is more than a month left in the transfer window.

Source: SkySport24


  • Erol

    Cmon Juve, show some dignity. . . .

    • majid

      thats like asking your cat not to piss on your guests shoes …
      you know he can, but its not in his nature

      • Branavan

        EYOOOO lool

      • ahmad akbar

        wahahaha..u make my day bro. here my vote up

  • Budi Wibowo

    late arrival just causes the lack of solidity in the initial matches of this season :(

  • SpiritPro

    Otherwise…Conte WILL be bitchslapped.

  • SindreGud

    Buy Zuniga, don’t care if we pay overprice for him, just to rub it in juve’s faces.

  • M Reza Pahlevi

    After paulinho saga( results big zero) this soap opera make me sick… Conte and rube play yoyo with inter…

  • Rafael Vieri

    We must sign him at all costs =/

    • Fernando Martinez

      don’t worry… we have… Jonathan!!!


      • Rafael Vieri

        HAHAHAHAH Yeah…=/
        But who knows, maybe Johnny boy can impress us this season….gotta have hope, right? =/ haha

        • Fernando Martinez


          Jonathan…. please… impresss us….


  • Dublos

    All this drama over a right back, smh. Look what we’ve become. We need at least one more winger/striker unless Longo stays, we need a right back and a centre mid. Those are the 3 most important areas we need to fill. Dragovic would be great but even if he doesn’t come, we will have 7 centre backs competing for 2 or 3 places so at least we are covered in that area.

  • tifointer

    Our partners at FcInterNews report that FC Basel’s central defender Aleksandar Dragovic is very clsoe to signing for Ukrainian outfit Dynamo Kiev. The player is highly rated by Inter but the club can’t reinforce the defense until selling a defender first. Basel and the player have reportedly grown tired of waiting which has allowed Dynamo Kiev to pounce on the player.