Radja Nainggolan

Tuttosport reports that after the friendly match versus FeralpiSalo in one week, Mazzarri will personally demand a move for a powerful defensive midfielder.

The most likely name for the midfield is that of Radja Nainggolan. However, there is one major problem; Inter still lack adequate funds to pull this move off. A player must be sold, and the Turin-based newspaper claims that player is most likely to be Andrea Ranocchia. The Italian defender has definite suitors in Zenit, Napoli, and most infamously, Milan. Inter is holding out for an offer above €14m.

Source: Tuttosport


  • Leonardo

    Why spend so much money to Nainggolan, I’m sure there are better options than him with smaller price.

    • lth


      • Big Sexy


      • interd1sia

        taras stepanenko? and i’m wondering why everyone seems to forget about juraj kucka. he had a pretty good season in my opinion. and we used to made him our transfer target, why not now?


        Gary Medel

  • Zselic

    maybe we shouldnt sacrafice Cassano and spend 15m on two unproven kiddo’s 50%’

  • Budi Wibowo

    Definitely we need this kind of player (nainggolan), but im not so sure about sacrificing rano :(

    • M Reza Pahlevi

      Setubuh eh setuju… Inter still need ranochia, but with financial problem moratti can’t buy radja…

      • Budi Wibowo

        saya si setuju jual rano daripada guarin :p

        • M Reza Pahlevi

          Xixixi bentar lagi kita di bully gara2 pk bhs ind…. Asal jgn ke milan ataw juve ajaa…

          • Budi Wibowo

            i couldn’t agree more :p

          • Dejan Vorkapic

            I agree with everything you guys said. :PP

          • M Reza Pahlevi

            Just chitchat with my comerades but thanks for your coments.. We just said if we sell ranochia we don’t wanna see he wearing rube or bilan shirt.. One more time thanks with your coment..

          • Dejan Vorkapic

            Thank you for explaining. :)

          • Xahi Xixa Armati

            Me too. :D

  • Gio Giorgi

    I would like to sign Luiz Gustavo.
    He is 25 too, but has more experience. maybe price will be the same. 14-15 m.

    • M Reza Pahlevi

      I’m totaly agree with you, if we can’t get paulinho why we don’t tried to buy his partner in brazil team… He make iniesta and xavi “not work” in final confedaration cup…

  • SindreGud

    We should Ask for Luiz Gustavo, Bayern have to many midfielders, could get him for a decent price.

    • Daniele Antonio Comitogianni

      yeah and inter has a great relationship with pep so its not hard to try :p

  • Rafael Vieri

    Selling Rannochia to get Naingollan is like thinking ” I only have 10 dollars, I’ll go to the supermarket and exchange it for to beautiful 5 dollar bills”.

    If you sell a great player to get another, you’re stuck in the same overall level.

    • ahmad akbar


    • Solberg – Norway

      not if you have two def´s and zero dm´s and need one of each.. ;)

  • Gamma

    IMHO, 999golan one of the best ball winning midfielder in europe… thats what Mazzari looking for. With 3-5-2 formation, midfield area must consist of Box to Box Midfield (Guarin)- Ball Winning Midfielder (999golan) – Deep Laying Playmaker (Kovacic). Actually Paulinho is real Box to Box Midfield, but we lost it. So, we must get him, believe me, 999golan will prove his worth.

  • interd1sia

    yeah right. we’re gonna sell a good defender for 14 mill to acquire a mid who valued 18 mill while on the same time had to get another defender for about 8 mill to replace the defender that we kicked out. hell yeah. tutsytotsysport logic hahahah :D

  • ahmad akbar

    when will tohir pump his money,anyway? i’m really tired of this rumour about ranocchia. when silvestre signed to another club, then our defense is set. we’ll have 6 good defenders. the only missing part now is a realiable CM who defends and attacks egually good.