Today, the British press reported interest from Manchester United for Saphir Taider. Bologna had previously rejected Inter’s offer and were asking for a figure closer to 10 million. However, Bologna President Guaraldi might listen to offers made in pounds from England.

Source: FCInternews.it


  • ibzy

    branca should get him, i think he’s better than Radja

    • Liam31

      much better !!!! he will eat radja at lunch !!!!

    • Big Sexy

      And almost twice cheaper. Its a must buy.

    • Ricky09

      i think you need to compare his stats for the last 2 years including game time to raja…. lets not get too carried way with the plaudits.

      • ibzy

        u can’t compare last 2 yrs, cause Saphir only played 15 games in his first season, comparing to 33 in his second. and as for last season, according to whoscored.com: Saphir had more interceptions, more goals, more position, better passAC%. and he’s cheaper and 4 years younger. So… lets not get too carried way with the plaudits.

        • Ricky09

          i dont think you understand the last comment i made, i never made any false plaudits to a certain player- you have. then you state you cant compare the last 2 years, then proceed to do exactly that with one season, taking into account that one season doesn’t exactly display a players overall reliability or consistency if this very unlikely purchase does happen, at best he will play 8-10 games, essentially a fringe player.

        • ibzy

          i’m not saying Radja isn’t good enough for inter, or i woud be displeased if he came to inter. i think he’s good and experienced in serie A. but i think they can do better. i mean radja hasn’t even been called up for official international duty(not friendly) yet.

  • Munawir Biki

    So there is united again? Really?

  • Sayed Hassan

    i hope we sign this guy

  • Liam31

    Just splash the cash !!!!!

  • Nick Jansen

    wouldn’t one expect Inter would be more interesting then united due to the fact he has a country man already at Inter?

  • rob

    what are we waiting for lets close this deal!

  • Ricky09

    seriously? why are we even considering him? no offence but at this point in time- hes just not the calibre of player we need or should be targeting.