Gaston Ramirez

Possible new target for Inter as collected by TuttoMercatoWeb, in fact, the Inter directors apparently have started negotiations with Southampton for the return to Italy of Uruguayan Gaston Ramirez. The former Bologna players is liked for his age, his adaptability to the offensive schemes of coach Mazzarri and the fact that already knows the Italian championship. Contacts have already been established, more news on this deal in the next few days. Although it must be said he was an Inter target before he left Bologna for England.



  • InterGuy

    I belive he is realy good for the Italian football and he can become one of the bests!

  • Chalon

    If he comes, I expect ALvarez to leave, because we can’t have 3 players (with Kovacic) for the same position AM.

    • soundevilz

      kovacic is a CM. If he comes, we will have Ramirez, Alvarez, and Ruben Botta in the same position

      • Simon Sønderskov Iversen

        Mazzarri have said he will play kovacic behind the strikers..

        • Fernando Martinez

          When did he said that??

          I remember he said that he’ll play alongside Guarin (so, as CM). Then he can use a DM behind them (Cambiasso or Mudingayi or Kuzmanovic) OR an AM in front of them (Alvarez, Botta, even Belfodil).

          As for Mazzarri saying he (Kovacic) could be the new Hamsik…

          Hamsik not always played as AM, sometimes he played CM with Pandev or anybody else playing AM

          • Simon Sønderskov Iversen

            Can’t remember the exact article where it is stated, but a quick search found reference like this:

            “Kovacic has also been enthused by Mazzarri’s decision to employ him in a more advanced position, similar to that undertaken by Napoli’s Marek Hamsik.” (his current position)

          • Fernando Martinez

            who said that?? it was somebody else talking about what he THINKS Mazzarri will do by stating that he COULD be used in the same spot as Hamsik.

            And as i told you before, Hamsik was not always played as AM (his current position is unknown, because we don’t know how Benitez is gonna play him).

            Hamsik played as CM (who tended to attack a lot) alongside Inler, Dzemaili or Donadel.

            Depending of the game plan somebody played IN FRONT OF THEM (“them being Hamsik and anyone else) as AM usually Pandev or Insigne, but even Cavani played sometimes as AM (not Hamsik) or if no AM were used, then a DM was placed BEHIND THEM (usually Gargano, Radocevic or Donadel) and it was in this setup (with a DM and no AM) that Hamsik could attack more… and may look like he was an AM

            But he always started his attack runs from the center of the field (as any CM) not from the edge of the penalty area.

          • Simon Sønderskov Iversen

            It is from a article with a interview with kovacic, referring to something said by Mazzarri. I dont know how you can misread it, i guess you just want to. Why would a new article refer to his old position without stating it while it also says a more advanced position clarifying it is his current position.

          • Fernando Martinez

            well, think what you want to think then… you’ll see it once the season starts…. *sigh*

            i already seen this setup (two CM’s and a DM behind them and later changed it to two CM’s and one AM) in the last preseason game with cambiasso (DM), kuzmanovic (CM playing as kovacic will do), and guarin (CM) and later with olsen (CM) mira (CM playing as kovacic will do) and alvarez (AM).

            also, you should learn the difference between a textual quote (where the actual words somebody used are transcribed) and somebody reporting what has been said (which uses the logic of the reporter to jump into conclusions).

            it’s not the same an “advanced CM” or a “CM played in a more advanced position” than “an AM”… or you would say that both Alvarez and Kovacic play in the same spot?

          • Simon Sønderskov Iversen

            Mazzerri plays the 3-4-1-2 and what i mean is kovacic will play AM behind the strikers..

          • Fernando Martinez

            3-4-1-2 and 3-1-4-2 at Napoli and at the preseason friendly he used both, an he also said (he, as in quotations he) that he wanted to have more than 1 formation for Inter

    • Nick Jansen

      i would expect Ramirez to be used as a winger though i seem to recall him playing as a left winger when he was playing for bologna

  • Budi Wibowo

    He could back to his best here, just wonder how he, kova and guarin play together in 3-5-2 formation

  • Big Sexy

    Really no need for him.