Mauricio Isla

Massimiliano Nebuloni, Sky journalist, discusses the negotiation between Inter and Juventus for Isla, one that has suddenly came to a stop.

“Inter are now a bit irritated because of this halt in negotiations for Isla because everything appeared to be done. With Udinese, everything was alright. It was Juventus who are not satisfied by the Inter offer. Mazzarri is pushing for a winger and Branca is looking around for alternatives. Inter will not wait for Isla long.”

Source: Sky


  • Alfianeza

    I Hope Van der Wiel will join with us…
    Come on branca…

  • M Reza Pahlevi

    Make it fast… Gino Peruzzi Or zabaleta rumours…

  • itner101

    I hope we get zuniga to rub it in the face and say: “keep him”

  • shola lubis

    How a bout srna? I think he is one of the best WB

    • SindreGud

      Shaktar rich club so would be expensive! And he is old!

      • shola lubis

        Yes, he is old.
        But I think he can play well for 3 more years, he has
        everything to be the best WB in Serie A, even he can be our free kick
        taker. Lichstenier is nothing compared to him.

    • Peter

      Srna is old.

      • shola lubis

        I think he can play well for 3 more years, and it’s long enough.

        • Peter

          Maybe he can but it’s not worth the risk, plus we have no clue what Shakhtar would ask for in terms of price. There are plently of younger and quite possibly cheaper alternatives.

  • miz

    well we have jonathan, naga and zanetti on the right wing … better get someone for the right side and let pereira to be his sub :p and get zuniga or kolarov … IMO thats better for us … jonathan would really be great if managed properly , i still believe in him after his performance after zanetti’s injury

  • Ahu1331

    They might be holding out to cut down on his training time with Inter and Mazzarri…

  • Chalon

    Isla or Zuniga, I hope we get one of those 2. Van der Wiel would be settling for less.

  • Zoran Panic

    Smart Dog Lol!!!!!

    • #4

      don’t forget wash your feet, dog!!

      • Ten Percent


  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    van der wiel is not good enough for inter….he is just a slight improvement on jonathan or maybe even equal to him