Massimo Moratti

MILAN - Massimo Moratti answered some questions from the journalists waiting for him outside the Saras offices this morning.

President, is there any news about the club’s future in light of the reports which appeared in this morning’s papers?

“Yes, I was informed about it and I read them myself this morning. I keep learning about what’s going on thanks to the papers.”

So there’s no meeting planned for next week?

“No, no.”



  • Azwad Khan

    Are they referring to Thohir?

    • SindreGud


      • Azwad Khan


  • Interfan

    Does anyone know was the news about selling minority to Thohir just rumours?

  • Young Assassin

    like usual all rumors nothing serious lol

    • SindreGud

      Are Moratti known for telling the “truth” when it comes to deals?

      • Young Assassin

        lol but how often do these rumor mills actually get it right tutto sport being a source of it 2 days ago they usually always wrong

        • SindreGud

          You never know, but Gazetta is a trusted paper in Italy and it was them who published the story.

  • kunyuk beracun

    capek deh

  • MillD

    What does this mean?

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    i hope thoir rumor are false, i dnt care about money…..moratti is inter and inter is moratti ……it is more about pride than money