Mauricio Isla

New complications arise in the possible Mauricio Isla deal. To confirm a slowdown in negotiations between Juve and Inter, the words of the Juventus’s director Beppe Marotta, who now denies a possible farewell for the Chilean: “At this time the player is not on the market. This is because we will have major competitions and there will be a lot of energy needed, so we need a big squad. We are on the lookout for a wing back (Zuniga), but only under certain conditions; if not we have players that can fill the roles well.”

Source: Sky


  • Icardi9

    WTF? Weeks for nothing? How can this happen? Did he wake up thinking: “Isla isn’t such a bad Player, forget the talks, forget the agreement, we keep him, haha”

  • Icardi9

    Thanks a lot for deleting my comment, for what reason?

  • Liam31

    they did it on porpuse !!!!

    FuK U Juve !!!!!!!!

    • Vincent

      i love you for this comment, Liam31! lololol

  • MillD

    Go fuck yourselves Jube, we will get a right midfielder and take a shit on you next year.

  • inter101

    lets pay everything to get zuniga, it is not about the RB it is about the message

    • SindreGud

      Agree, let’s stick it up there noses!

      • Wickedpedia PHil

        man we can’t afford to play games i’d say let’s get candreva he’s the best RB out there right now along side cuadrado + he’s Italian whatever is that good for

        • Munawir Biki

          We are talking about pride bro. We finally has been increase our bid to meet up the price that juve want after such a long long negotiation but now they’ve mess it up

          • Wickedpedia PHil

            we finished 9th dude we’re past pride by now ,juve were keen on selling isla but only if they were guaranteed the services of zuniga as a replacement ,it ain’t personal ..napoli rejected juve’s bid for zuniga as a similar scenario i’m guessing inter won’t sell rano before signing dragovic..u can’t take away a player off a market just because your rival wants him ..are you guys 5 yo ?..seriously ..the media tends to dramatize ,use your heads ..juve could have had sold ibra & vieira to any other club many bloody players came from juve to inter ?..& an inter that was actually considered as a scudetto rival & contender & not this pseudo inter is business none rejects offers for such a stupid & silly reason as the one you claim ….put your hate for juve aside & see things for what it is..u gotta be shitting me..where’s the interist with some brains ?

            Marotta “”At this time, in agreement with the coach, we won’t be putting the player on the market. Isla remains our player in every way.””..

          • Sean S. Patrick

            Well I agree in terms of that it was more of a business decision, but dont be fooled, there is def. bad blood. Ibra and Vieira’s best choice was Inter. Extraordinary wages, wouldnt have to leave Italy, only club that came out clean. And Juve did not just openly chose to accept our bid, they had a relegation clause in their contract. The other deal I remember with them was Carini for Cannavaro – and that reeked of Moggi’s mafiosa transfer tactics. All that being said, they are just holding him until they get a replacement. I am sure they know he wants to move.

          • Solberg – Norway

            youre on the wrong site RuBanista…

  • demon

    Ohh really why it took you so long to discover you need isla, why you put him in the market then pull him out have some respect this ain’t a fish market but one day it will happen to you ridiculous dealing with those irespectful club

  • Branavan

    This is why we have respect for Milan. Rivals with respect. Juve is just rivals who deserve no respect.

  • Munawir Biki

    I hope the player can take a part after this situation. Asking the transfer request and miss the train will be enough I guess

  • M Reza Pahlevi

    After closer,closer now isla “door”to inter closed..

  • Sean S. Patrick

    Lol karma? We went into negotiations with Basel for Dragovic, came to an agreement, then left them hanging for weeks, indefinitely.

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran


  • andrei

    I say it another time JUVE is full of 6hi1t.

  • DirettaInter

    EVERYONE CALM DOWN! Marotta clearly says: “AT THIS TIME the player is not on the market.”. I believe Juve are waiting to wrap up Zuniga before selling Isla and they must have already expected to have him by now. Anyway, Isla will not want to play at Juve next season as they booed him in the friendly and he will not be regarded as a first option for Conte as he would be for Mazzarri.

    • Vincent

      i don’t believe jube..

  • GB

    Juve style….

  • GB

    Lets go and get Van der Wiel

  • #4

    well, F!! you sir

  • Zselic

    enough of this overrated one-season wonder guy, lets finalize Dragovic instead

  • Z4

    F**k him, we should get cuadrado

    • DonTuliosS Interista

      I coudn’t agree more Cudrado is booomb waiting to Xplode

    • Sean S. Patrick

      He is muuuuch more defensively sound than Cuadrado.

      • Z4

        we need someone who can get pass his opponent ffs, we have no one… only kovacic… we need more creative players

    • komengaja

      i prefer santon

  • Budi Wibowo

    Maybe Jube must be sent to serie B once more for learning about respect :p

  • Firman Ali

    Fuck JuBe

  • Geraud

    Just send them a fart on a jar and let’s move on.