Mauricio Isla

Mario Giunta, Sky transfer expert, discusses what is going on regarding Mauricio Isla.

“Inter cannot sign Isla’s Juventus half due to reasons related to the renewal of co-ownership. Paid loan is something that could be possible with obbligation to purchase. Then Inter will have to come to an agreement with Udinese for their half of the card.”

Source: Sky


  • M Reza Pahlevi

    Complicated tranfer, find another player, juve don’t want sell this player..

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    why not just sign both halfs now, or buy udineses half and loan to purchase with juves half

  • Budi Wibowo

    Just take Zuniga

    • Fez Faisal H

      Does zuniga play on both flanks?

      • Budi Wibowo

        yes he does :D

      • keplain

        he plays both

    • keplain

      yap, just forget him and take zuniga please.. #slaptheF*Jube

      • Budi Wibowo

        something around 8 mil + Silvestre + Schelotto maybe enough :p

    • Big Sexy

      Nagatomo on the left, and Zuniga on the right would be magnificent.

      • Budi Wibowo

        Just imagine Isla-right and Zuniga-left, our Inter will be big and sexy :p

        • Big Sexy

          A little bit unrealistic but still sexy :D