Mauricio Isla

Mauricio Isla would have hoped for a quick transfer to Inter. The player is still at Chatillon, where he is training normally with his team. Despite the continuing market rumors, the Chilean appears serene as he was joking with his teammates. The deal with Inter has been blocked for now, but the feeling is that in one way or another, they can arrive at a positive solution.



  • demon

    Its over were wasting our time marotta said he is outside the market we shouldnt waste time on a player like this we gaved them an offer they decline we give another they decline then thats it we move on, its like we are begging for a player from juve and we know how dirty they can be with us

  • Ferdinand Toshiro

    Everyone at Inter is so busy with Isla… :(

  • Gamma

    Oke i know we dream about Isla, but Jubecunt already playing dirty with us…and Inter have proud. So we must find another right wing to sign. Really hope Thohir money will buy zuniga who is Jubecunt target.