Ryad Boudebouz

According to French football media outlet, Foot Mercato, 23 year-old FC Sochaux trequartista Ryad Boudebouz is currently in the process of signing for Inter and is set to land in Milan any day now to receive a medical checkup and eventually seal the proposed deal. The Algeria international’s current contract is set to expire in 2014 with the Ligue 1 club, making the transfer very manageable and inexpensive.

Source: Foot Mercato


  • M Reza Pahlevi

    Oke why not… Belfodil mate maybe…

  • fff

    we dont need him. better to use alfred

    • inter101

      he is better than alfred, and has more experience both with clubs and in world cup.

      • ff

        Alfred is only 20 years old and already play like top player, we don’t need this camel-rapper

        • green_fenec

          u fucking idiat what do you know about football to talk about him riyad….shut the fuck up idiat

  • Gamma

    Great Signing!!

  • Tarek Abdelkarim Boo

    He’s very talented ! wait and see my friend !

  • Chalon

    I don’t understand this signing, I read he is an AM. If he can also play CM then it makes sense, but I’m not sure if he can. I have read good things about this kid, he has great ball control and is fast, something we need. But if he can only play AM, we already have Kovacic and Alvarez in that position, plus we are trying to get Gaton Ramirez.

    Anybody know if Ryad Boudebouz can play CM?

    • Ash Balali

      He`s a natural RM , High Attacking work rate, Medium Defensive work rate.
      Alvarez dribbling and pace is no where near this guy, his like a fully upgraded version of Alvarez, bring him to INTER

    • Dejan Vorkapic

      Yes he can also play CM, but it’s not his natural position. According to transfermarkt.co.uk and wiki AMC is his favorite position, but as Ash said, RM is also one of his prefered roles. He is also a free kick specialist. I would get him instead of Gaston anytime.

  • SindreGud

    Don’t see the need for a decent CAM when we have Alvarez.

  • Sayed Hassan

    wait…..isn’t he a wing forward? how on earth will he get a space in 3-5-2? arent we trying to offload Alvarez for this very same reason!!

    • Ricky09

      because the 352 relies heavily on wings, an inter with natural width is something ive been waiting for a very long long time.

      • Sayed Hassan

        hi bro, there is a difference between wing back and wing forward, as far as i know this guy is a wing forward like Alvarez and Botta not a wing back like Zuniga or Isla who can defend as well as attack, we only have two forward slots in the 3-5-2 and they cant be both wingers, again im not entirely sure of his position in the field but if he can play cm then it would make sense

        • Ricky09

          yep and in 352 the system is easily adaptable for either, mazzari did this on several occasions for napoli and we see conte doing the same thing with his system, the two wingers can be either offensive or defensive depending on the flow of the game and also the opposition, creating overloads for one side or the other or even both if a goal is needed or there is a weakness to exploit on one of the flanks. having a holding midfielder in the case that both wings are offensive so that then that holding mid will drop in between any of the centre backs essentially becoming a libero. the beauty of the 352 system especially under conte and mazzari is the way it is highly adaptable for the 5 mids to switch and change.

  • Uche Esele Akahome

    I don’t know much about him but this is pretty freaking cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ehDkaU7LKVk

  • soundevilz

    geez I’ve never heard of him… but Ligue 1 currently provides many talented young palyers

  • Lakehal Mohamed

  • Lakehal Mohamed

    Ryad Boudebouz

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    i knw most are not getting why we are signing him …tactically that is, however he is young and is somehow proven, he is algerian ( helps belfodil settle in), he is not that expensive, can be a great super sub, offers mazzari tactical flexibility, provides competition for alvarez and botta

    i really cannot see any cons in this deal, make it happen branca !!!!!!!!

  • Nick Jansen

    by the end of this transfer period we’ll own the entire Algerian national team :D

  • Abdi

    Isnt this guy leftfooted too like Ricky and Botta. 3 similar type of players. Even though he is more a copy of Botta. They all have good technique and dribbling skills and all leftfooted. For €3 milllion he is a bargain. Could easily be worth 4 or even 5 times that amount soon.

  • Big Sexy

    Also Taider would fit nicely.

  • Ricky09

    for 3 million its a great investment, he will actually cost more when we sell him in one or two seasons.

  • green_fenec

    the best deal for inter ….good luck riyad

  • green_fenec

    super algerian talent :D