Erick Thohir


Double revenues by exporting the brand and a “new” stadium.

To focus on the 300 million euros in revenues and to attack foreign market with more managerial gesture.

Project new stadium is crucial or an extended San Siro.

Pinzolo – No revolution because the football system in Italy does not allow. But a gradual and inexorable process of change? Absolutely. Erick Thohir is planning to transform Inter in a medium to long period of time to a club that is perfectly inserted in the entertainment segment because it is what has now become the sport at the highest level and that is what can make sport profitable and sustainable. Obviously without distorting it, without betraying the tradition. Indeed, drawing strength from the club’s own history and charm. In the plans of the Indonesian, if everything goes in the right place, Inter should achieve balance in 2015-2016. In short, two more seasons of suffering and the tendency to “break even” which not coincidentally is the main requirement to fit in UEFA’s financial fair play which Thohir has studied and shared the same views because he is inspired by the American model.

San Siro

Europe money It is clear that everything depends a bit on returning to the Champions League and this is the priority given to Walter Mazzarri. Without that minimum of 30-40 million of annual revenues, any development plan would not be successful. But the work off the field is equally important. The idea of Thohir is that Inter have unexplored potential which can in a matter of few seasons double the turnover. This figure is at historic low: 170 million. Net capital gain and is only 1/3 of world’s biggest clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona and well below Italian rivals Milan and Juventus. To turn this around, Inter would definitely need to own a stadium. With a brand new stadium, Inter could drive up revenues from 25 million annually to 80-100 million. Plan B would be staying at the San Siro together with Milan but to buy surrounding land for businesses.

Bedy Moratti

International market However, the main mission of Thohir is to export the Inter brand around to the world and he wants to do it a whole lot more that what has been done so far. Just look at the Premier League which has worked magnificently over the past 20 years to “sell” its products abroad. This summer, clubs like Manchester United and Tottenham are set to invade Asia which according to many experts is still largely untapped. To follow these best practices, of course, will not only do well for Inter but also for the league. The club in Corso Vittorio Emanuele collects less than half of its cousin Milan from the commercial sector (42 million to 85). With one of the most sport business oriented family, Thohir hopes to overturn the derby.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • Michael

    Annnnd I’m done.

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      Have a good time on your vacation, mate!

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      If you think you can leave this place and get some rest…

      …you’re going to have a bad time. :D

      Have a nice trip and recharge your batteries!

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      Annnnnnd let the publishing begin.
      Enjoy ya vaca dude!

    • Hussain Ahmed

      we all know you’re gonna miss us like hell

  • Budi Wibowo

    to be honest im sad, just hope it is the best way for Inter

  • airlangga putera panigoro

    Thx Michael!! have a nice trip..

  • DeJePeh

    Sounds good, extremely good.. But, Inter is about Moratti, or isn’t it? Dang, I adore Moratti and his family, this will be hard on us, the fans, even for them, The Moratti family..

  • Cloud

    i dont like plan B :D

  • rudy

    Guys.if thus deal happens will it influence our transfer campaign positively? Any sort of funds injected right away from thohir?

    • Dejan Vorkapic

      I guess it will. We certanly won’t be able to splash ridiculous amounts of money on players, but Nainggolan, Dragovic, Isla etc. won’t be a problem for him to acquire. Which is more than enough in my opinion.

      • syahrul sembarang

        i hope so, and we can keep our best player too.

  • Dejan Vorkapic

    I have to say that it all sounds pretty good for us… I hope he will respect it all and give us a place where we belong, at the top!

  • Arong Sit Pisontnakul

    I am a bit sad and hopeful at the same time… Pls do what is best for our club

  • Abdul

    According to, percentages at Inter will be as follows:

    75% for Thohir
    23.3% for Moratti
    1.6% for Pirelli
    0.1% remains to “others”

  • Richard

    If Moratti really leaves Inter then I hope this Thohir guy will be serious in our project..There’s already many bad example of Asian investor who abandoned their clubs..Venky’s Brother in Blackburn, Abdullah Al-Thani in Malaga, or even Thaksin Shinawatra in Man.City..Maybe the safest investor should be the Chinese investor since they have big money and big market also..I have already live in China for these 2 years and the number of Interisti is biggest than other Serie A team..You can see when they played Supercoppa twice in Beijing, the local fans were crazy..Inter also have an official store in Shanghai..Little story from me, I tried to buy Inter 2013/14 home kit last January but all of N**e store in town didn’t have any stocks, the same time I see some jersey like Juventus, Barca, and Arsenal still there..only Inter and Man Utd were out of stock..Oh some info, Real Madrid have entered the Chinese market with their cooperation with Guangzhou Evergrande as their feeder club..Of course, I am not willing to see Inter in foreign investor’s hand because Moratti family is the real embodiment of Inter itself but if I have to choose between Indonesian investor or Chinese investor, I will go for the latter..(I knew they have already tried to make some investment last year but some bureaucratic problems revolved around them)

    • Dhama Zidqi

      I live in indonesia more than 20 years and Indonesia is the biggest interisti base in the world ..

      • M Reza Pahlevi

        Realy? I don’t think so…

        • Dhama Zidqi

          man, ICI moratti has the biggest member of Inter official fans club

        • Dhama Zidqi
          • anggapuma

            yeah, i agree with you .. but many of ICI member dont buy Original stuff/merchandise.. Still wearing kw aaa or grade ori even multisport or 7star, Inter didn’t make revenue from that thing hehehe.. btw i’m also ICI member 413-1557 also i had the “Siamo Noi” member card too :))

          • #4

            me.still waiting my id this Thohir really want to expand our market they should try build Inter Store in Indonesia and Asia

          • ororo

            although im not registered at ici, i bought inters merchandise directly from inter store online since 2009 :D

        • Hussain Ahmed

          its true…

    • kira

      Well thaksin has internal problem in thailand and al thani cannot invest in malaga cause he is cousin of PSG owner. The rules say that your family cannot own more than 1 club

  • miz

    agreed as long as we see the moratti family in the stands every game!!!! xD

  • Mahdi Torabinejad

    I feel like a father watching his daughter get married. :’(
    Well…I think.

    You know what I mean.

    • Henry Huang

      absolutely right… :’(

      • Mahdi Torabinejad

        sniff* sniff* I just hope we don’t somehow regret this in 10 years.

        • Budi Wibowo

          if something wrong happen in 10 years, moratti will save us once more :p

    • demon

      You know what i feel ,i feel that i own a ferrari and am letting a stranger drive it ,

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      well said my brother

  • Herditya Pradipta

    Just buy Meazza and let Milan play at neighborhood school football pitch :D

    • #4

      you joking right? bilan no need playing, they just need bribe for more penalty and ‘bunga-bunga’ party

  • I Putu Hadi Wiguna

    I wonder how they (GdS) know it all.. even here in Indonesia, these kinds of story and prediction are not revealed or even known by the press.

    • #4

      GdS base in Italy or Europe so they can get better source. well in our country there’s so many glory hunter and merda so our news we heard only around those merda clubs

    • Fahm

      Karena di Indonesia berita sperti ini belum menjual sampe finalisasi deal.
      Banyak media di Indonesia cuma tau sebatas kulit aja, bahkan media olahraga (sepakbola) banyak yang khusus membahas jalannya pertandingan atau bursa transfer yang umum saja dibandingnkan terobosan investigasi suatu kasus. Bahkan statistik data untuk liga lokal seperti ISL/IPL saja cuma sebatas mengover statistik biasa, bukan statistik mendalam. Karena seperti ini masyarakat merasa “cukup” dengan pembeberan informasi yang ada.

      Baru akhir-akhir ini melalui twitter, facebook dan lainnya, seperti panditfootball di detik contohnya yang merilis berbagai macam informasi yang dalam kategori Indonesia sebenarnya “kurang berguna” di tahun-tahun sebelumnya.

      I think you would understand my hypothesis.
      For others please use google translate.

  • Ferdinand Toshiro

    Wuih,, Pak Entong melu mejeng dimari… :v
    Btw, sorry mike, I speak a strange language here.. :))

    • anggapuma

      Kalo pak Entong lebih yakin gue dari Thohir..
      Mr. Entong is true Interista..