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The historic moment – An era is about to close, with Indonesian Inter ready to be born.

The president is leaning towards to say yes: will sell 75% for a figure close to 300 million but will remain a strong point of reference.

The project revolves mainly around the international image of the club.

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The president is convinced: 75% of Inter to the Indonesian. Meeting with family and then signature in London.

Thohir, over time, will pay around 300 million euros but without excluding the experience of Moratti.

Pinzolo – The Inter of Moratthohir is born. The sound of the forthcoming duo ownership of Inter can be felt. This partnership between Massimo Moratti and Erick Thohir is specifically intended to strengthen and modernize the club’s potential in those areas that have yet to be explored.

Family reunion After months of contacts, we are so close to the end. Next weekend, the Moratti family is planning to meet to agree on the yes that the family is ready to give to Thohir’s proposal, one that has been on the table for some time to buy 75% of the shares for a figure close to 300 million euros. The happy ending is very close although given the sensitivity of the issue, you cannot take anything for sure until the official announcement. The closest collaborators to Moratti have suggested the Inter president to sell and at this point, curiously, the most recently to erase the last little doubt would be the president’s wife Milly. She was here from the very beginning in 1995 and is the most perplexed by the new adventure. However, Massimo Moratti is convinced that it is time to turn the page for two reasons. Beyond the economic aspect are two sides of the same coin: to do good for Inter.

Presidency not of facade The first concerns the possibility of remaining in partnership with Thohir despite having minority of shares. While the Indonesian would like to enter the Inter world like a bulldozer like changing the entire corporate structure, in the last few weeks it became clear that Thohir intends to utilise the experience of Moratti’s most trusted men, giving the oil tycoon a true president role and not an empty title.

Communication and marketing At the same time, the Inter boss has understood that Thohir as a businessman, other than paying the debts and gives more financial stability to the club, could give a large contribution at the level of communication and especially of marketing. Inter, in fact, are a brand that is actually doing very well abroad (especially in Asia) but that does not exploit the full potential in terms of revenues. Thohir, who is the head of an empire related to communication and also has interest in sports organizations in the United States, will bring a more streamlined effort internationally.

Tronchetti effect “Thohir comes from a prominent business family – Moratti said last week – and can therefore make his international knowledge available to us by providing a contribution in some ways. We, however, know our football and territory very well.” Not to mention that, for the purpose of defining this partnership, we would have to weigh in the role of Moratti’s friend and sponsor Marco Tronchetti Provera which has long suggested that the president to not miss the Indonesian train. Let’s not forget that Thohir has great relationship with Pirelli, the giant company that Tronchetti is the head.

Key meeting Inter is still Moratti’s whose appeal is undeniable to the Nerazzurri fans as he was welcomed by a huge crowd last Sunday in Pinzolo. The turning point is scheduled for next week when, probably in London or some other location that both parties will have to establish, there will be a key meeting to determine whether Thohir will immediately acquire majority or in a shot period of time. We are talking about months, not years. At this table, expected are lawyers of both sides as well as financial advisors. The two protagonists in Moratti and Thohir will only come on stage at the moment of signature which hopefully will happen at the end of the month despite thousand of contractual quibbles on the table. But the substance here is that in just a few days, the Inter of Moratthohir will be born. It is a substance that will change the face of the club. And maybe in Italian football.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • Firman Ali

    I hope Thohir bring good impacts for our beloved inter

  • Daniele Antonio Comitogianni

    im not racist but i would rather want an italian owner then any other owner…

    • Ismail Sunni

      I’m Indonesian, and yes I agree with you. I don’t know why.

      • Daniele Antonio Comitogianni

        yeah nothing against Indonesians i just want to keep the heritage going

        • Ismail Sunni

          I think that’s one of my reason also.

    • Budi Wibowo

      the most important is owned by a real interista, and thohir is not :(

      • JustInter

        Now let’s just hope we can replace that Branca for someone better.

      • Peter

        Thohir is a businessman and now the fear is that we hopefully wont end up like Malaga.

        • syahrul sembarang

          damn right, that’s why we should keep signor moratti as President.(i wish)
          thank you Mr.Moratti

        • Young Assassin

          i hope there’s a clause in there that says if Thohir leaves Inter economically in shambles that Moratti assumes full control of the team again

          • Peter

            Although we are taking a risk, it’s less likely that Thohir will leave Inter in financial shambles purely because he doesn’t compare to other club owners abroad in terms of wealth, if we look at Chelsea, Man City, PSG etc, they all have owners with almost endless amounts of money and the money they invest is minuscule compared to their net worth. In my eyes most of those clubs are like a toy for those owners, while I think Thohir will take this a little more seriously and with more caution.

            Although I could be completely wrong

          • Young Assassin

            i guess we will never know until this man comes to inter should be interesting though

        • Wickedpedia PHil

          inter can’t become like malaga because the fanatics in Italy are crazy they’ll probably threaten him he’d have to sell & resign

    • Fahm

      yes, agreeed. Setuju.

  • Arong Sit Pisontnakul

    I can’t imagine Inter without Moratti as president :(

    • Branavan

      He is still the president…he just cant make the calls now :P

  • M Reza Pahlevi

    Let see what thohir can do… Grazie Moratti…

  • Herditya Pradipta

    Not the majority please.
    No one can be as passionate as Moratti to Inter.

  • ahmad akbar

    i couldnt fully believe tohir as inter owner..moratti shows so much passion and affection toward club and fans. it’s hard to believe this deal..
    btw, i really hope there’s a clausul to buy back the majority of shares for moratti

  • Erol

    Why is no Stadion talk in this :O

  • Inter DiHati

    Inter will be different without you Sir! :(

  • Pagakis

    With or without money
    Moratti family=INTER

  • DirettaInter

    I don’t know why people are saying ‘thank you Moratti’ and ‘goodbye Moratti’? He will still be the main point of reference for the club:

    “Thohir intends to utilise the experience of Moratti’s most trusted men, giving the oil tycoon a true president role and not an empty title.”

    • iamsuperman

      Inter is not Morrati’s anymore. Even though Thohir will not restructure the management, still Thohir owns 75% of Inter. Means it belongs to him. He can do what he wants to do.

  • Dublos

    Well this is the best possible situation. We get Thohirs money and Moratti stays and will play an important role in the club.

  • Budi Wibowo

    I’m proud to be interista under moratti regime. We lived at the ups and downs together. You are the real gentleman, proud of u :(

  • JustInter

    Whatever happenned, you are a role model for a tifosi. You are brave enough to prove and break Serie A biggest scandal, even you were become an antagonist. But as Interisti we know you were right. Because we also feel the same since 90′s especially 1998. Grazie and Respect you always Massimo Moratti.

  • Liam31

    *Don’t trust this Asian guy !!! they came with an corupt mentality from Asia + he can bride someone too put us on the same spot with Juve/Milan !!! We are the most clean foootball club in IT and I want to remain like that !!!!
    Look at Bercheatlona or MU …. Juve befor calciopoli !!! U want to suport a team like that ??? Big teams , big players but also cheaters !!!!
    I trust Moratti and only Moratti family . they are honest+big heart people !!! FACT

    • miz

      dude for once you said something reasonable xD congrats :p

    • iamsuperman

      Coming from a corrupt mentality country does not mean he is a corruptor as well. I agree with “don’t trust this Asian guy” because trust is not a gift, it needs to be earned. The decision that Morrati took was to sell the majority share to Thohir and I want to believe the decision was taken for the good of Inter. Moratti is not stupid to sell the majority shares to anyone since he is no.1 fans.
      For the last time as fans under Morrati’s Inter era, lets we have faith in Massimo Morrati. Our last task under Moratti’s era is to have faith.
      The faith that is hard to swallow, the faith that opens the new chapter of Inter’s history, the faith that brings changes for the good of Inter, and the faith that makes us dream high again.
      We absolutely want everything good happens to Inter and at this point, it might be the only way. Give Thohir a chance and have some faith in Moratti.

    • Fahm

      so you think this Asian guy mentally corrupt. Please do tell me more, how Europe will survive these economic crisis.
      Please if you agree more with your opinion just use the wise words. Asia too have their Interisti.

    • qwerty

      Darn you lil racist bitch..
      You might talk like that if you were able to afford the 300 million euro price tag as Thohir paid for Inter’s majority share. We really need that money to stabilize the balance sheet to meet the upcoming financial fair play rule.

  • Abdul

    According to, percentages at Inter will be the following:
    75% for Thohir
    23.3% for Moratti
    1.6% for Pirelli
    0.1% remains to “others”

    • miz

      hahah that (0.1) sound to me like sm1 offered a bet to this guy if he can buy a part in inter :p

    • Fahm

      so, maybe after complete 75% take over (or a hundred maybe) Pirelli won’t be available on our front shirt?

  • Young Assassin

    i don’t know if i should be happy, sad, mad, or skeptical…. i say that because if Thohir buys he owns DC United which is my home team club and i expect inter to play at RFK stadium against DCU… Sad and mad cause Moratti been our president and truly loves inter like us! Skeptical cause Dc United sucks horribly this year and don’t wanna see inter fall to the same fate as DCU and the philly sixers! So Mr Thohir your first agenda should be keeping your word and bringing in big names including Lavezzi like you promised!

    • SindreGud

      He has a small share at philly 69′ers, he only gives them money and some other men invest. DCU I know nothing about.

      • Young Assassin

        lol 69ers im use that being a wizards fan i don’t like em…. but he’s the majority owner of dc united… who’s in a horrible position right now but i think he might ship primavera players over there to gain experience

        • pablo G

          but to be fair bro…

          thohir and levien joined chang… meaning he has 1/3 ownership at best… and dc united, as the whole mls, just suck balls (no offense, but headless chicken running isnt football).. and its very hard to get talent into the states, where the best of the best are uefa based pensioners (henry, nesta, and the likes of juninho, marquez, keane)

          dc united havent won anything since 2007, so its safe to say that they were heading that way…

          inter won’t go that route becuz inter has the prestige and the history that only few of the elite teams in the world have…
          so plz… dont compare dc united with inter… dc on their best day may struggle in serie c

  • SindreGud

    Moratti haven’t left the club, Thohir will utilise the experience of Moratti and his most trusted men. That’s a good thing, Moratti will still have a say, teach Thohir in a few things and we get fresh capital. Let us hope the money will be used in this window, so we can get a CL spot and be competetive again.

    • Dublos

      “Utilise the experience of Moratti and his most trusted men” which means Branca stays

      • 1nteristi could you insert a sad smiley like that? You gotta teach me..its cool

  • Fez Faisal H

    Sad times for inter! I hope Tohir will live up to expectations bring success to inter!

  • Liam31

    Thohir It’s here just for business . He want’s the full ownership and with time he will ghet it !! when Moratti came to take charge at Inter he took the club with his heart not for other reasons . He just wanted too continue a legacy !!!
    Faith, Trust in an businessman ??? EVER !!!! (remeber MU scandal/protrests/riots)
    Good/Bad at least we had stability in the board… remember we are not an ordinary fooball club !!! We Are Inter !!!! we have InterCampus hoo depend mostly on people hearts !!!! No other club have an huge humanitarian project like that !!!! Hooo founded ???? Guess hoo !!!
    Stop bullsheting me with Thohir !!!
    If we have to sell Quatar/Russian bil. will be better , If we don’t buy Spurs,Dortmund,Porto managers !!!!!

  • demon

    Hey guys Moratti isnt leaving he will stay close to the club as a strong reference ????? Can somebody explain what will be Morattis Role ??

    • Solberg – Norway


  • #4

    this is one of the hardest moment for us, between love and money

  • interfan@asean

    Up until now, I only see that Thohir wants to use Inter’s name to gain money. The problem is he must understand that when his business failed, it’s not the end of his matters. Inter is not an instant team like PSG or Man City, it’s already a flesh and blood for everyone who support Inter.
    As an Interista, I don’t have much choice but to believe in Moratti’s decision. I can only pray that by the time passed as a major shareholder, Thohir’s learn to become an Interista.

  • Guest

    anything for the betterment of this club u i just hope this guy won’t sink us that’s all ,moratti was on the verge of doing just that in the last couple years so,inter became catania ,actually catania finished above us ,sorry catania my bad ,not to mention we played the ugliest football ever you gotta have a bucket with you just to watch that inter so you can puke,time to put your emotions aside we can barely afford world class players neither the transfer fees nor the wages i don’t want my inter to get trashed with 5 & 6 goals by the likes monaco & anzhi & psg & freaking juve ..thank u

  • Wickedpedia PHil

    anything for the betterment of
    this club i just hope this guy won’t sink us that’s all ,moratti was
    on the verge of doing just that in the last couple years so,inter became
    catania ,actually catania finished above us ,sorry catania my bad ,not
    to mention we played the ugliest football ever you gotta have a bucket
    with you just to watch that inter so you can puke,time to put your
    emotions aside we can barely afford world class players neither the
    transfer fees nor the wages i don’t want my inter to get trashed with 5
    & 6 goals by the likes of monaco & anzhi & psg & freaking
    juve ..thank u

  • tifointer

    MILAN – Massimo Moratti answered some questions from the journalists waiting for him outside the Saras offices this morning.

    You can read the full version of the president’s statements here on

    President, is there any news about the club’s future in light of the reports which appeared in this morning’s papers?

    “Yes, I was informed about it and I read them myself this morning. I keep learning about what’s going on thanks to the papers.”

    So there’s no meeting planned for next week?

    “No, no.”

  • marbh fhaisc

    Thoir will never have as good a bonga bonga parties as Berlusconi

  • mongkih

    whatever happened, moratti is the hero of inter

  • Liam31

  • gg

    its just me or thohir look like the fat version of Mr. Chow from hangover-