Massimo Moratti

After an extremely tiring negotiation, it seems that we have an agreement. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport in newsstands tomorrow, both sides have reached an agreement for the sale of Inter. The big news here is that Massimo Moratti will sell the majority of his club by giving Erick Thohir 75% and in exchange is 300 million euros. More details are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Source: GdS


  • Young Assassin

    i don’t believe it till i see it on Inter’s website and if this indeed is true lets see if he keeps his promise and brings in Lavezzi who seems expendable at P$G after the arrival of Cavani who wants to play with Ibra!

  • Michael

    Well I guess this is the big news before I go on vacation. Will do later tonight.

  • sebastianksn

    If this is true, then I think we could be a serious threat to Juventus. Hernanes and Lavezzi is totally realistic with this kind of money being available.

    • Dizzyhassan

      where would they play??????????

      • sebastianksn

        Hernanes: In the midfield :)
        Lavezzi: Up front along with Icardi/Belfodil or Milito :)

        • Dizzyhassan

          Palacio????? and hernanes with kovacic and guarin would not help the teams defensive structure.

          • vikram_yahoo

            you seem sensible.

    • Zselic

      it doesnt mean we will have hundreds of millions to sign new players…

      • sebastianksn

        No, but maybe like 50 million? :)

        • Zselic

          i’m not sure of that either. Thohir insisted he will buy Nainggolan as a ‘present’. now the belgian is not a dream-category for sure…

          plus, he is a pure businessman, no passion for football, no passion for Inter, just look at his MLS & NBA team, one of the weakest in their own league…

    • Sean S. Patrick

      When someone buys the club, they also buy the debt almost 300 million euros of debt. Also, the only investments not counted in FFP expenditure is physical asset investments (stadium construction/expansion/purchase, training facility improvememts, and youth development). Transfer and wage outlay will still be sanctionable.

  • iamsuperman

    I don’t know what to say. I just dont feel it right. I hope Im wrong.

    • abecool

      so do i..
      i just think Thohir is’t our man

  • dipesh

    dont want lavezzi at inter, or anything to do with him, he will kill the vibe at inter he chose money last year alike lucas, there career is dead atm, we should go for younger players if we have money maybe draxler or someone in that mold

  • SindreGud

    Obiang/Kondogbia/Nainggolan, Hernanes, Isla, Dragovic and a surprise signing. Get rid off Silvestre, Chivu, schelotto, kuzmanovic/mariga loan out laxalt, duncan, longo, mbaye and we are CL contenders for sure! When Milito leave next season we are getting Muriel. Think if Belfodil, Icardi and Muriel all reach full potensial then Inter will have the best strike force in the world in a few years.

    • Young Assassin

      you forget about Palacio? he seems best in form right now and our best striker!

      • majid

        by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

        • Young Assassin

          ill take Palacio Milito and Icardi/Lavezzi (if a transfer happens) any day for us!

    • Mick1988

      I agree with you, it would be great but lets face it, buying players like that will cost a lot of money and I do not know how much Thorir wants to invest in Inter. Remember he also bought a club with a debt of 300€ million. He will need to do something about that as well. I think regarding midfield players like Obiang or Kondogbia and Hernanes is great. And we will definitely have a great squad. But as I mentioned, first we have to wait and see.
      Plus I am quite sad about Moratti leaving the club (if it turns out to be true)

  • Budi Wibowo


  • demon

    ohh man Morratti no more feels sad :(

  • Rauno

    ill wait until its OFFICIAL and hear the details before starting to ”cheer”.

  • JustInter

    Is this True? Two days ago I don’t believe it because of Tutto were the publisher.

  • Marka

    just like 90% of the breaking news. Not going to happen

  • rob

    Hopefully we celebrate with a big signing, hernanes would be the dream for me…

  • ljun


  • Christian Anthony Lucà

    It’s 3:18 in Milan right now, it’s the middle of the night, so of course it’s not official yet. I’d imagine the newspapers have just been printed and this is how the news has been leaked. Once the newspapers hit the stands in 3-4 hours, it’s probable we will see an official announcement by the club. As much as I don’t want it to be true, it’s a reality we have to face. God help our club, we’re going to need it.

  • Sean S. Patrick

    ?… still could be bullshit.

  • Z4

    i deeply hope its BS

  • san

    Eriksen to Milan??

  • syahrul sembarang

    I hope Moratti still become our President. i still have a doubt bout this guy. i honestly think that thohir doesn’t have so much money to fulfil our expectation.

  • jafaar

    I call bull crap! there is no way Moratti will sell %75 of Inter…

  • abetcs

    God, . . grandpa morratti we will be miss you.

  • Achmad Faisal Amrie

    iam Indonesian but i am lil bit worried if this deal happen..DC United and Sixers seems unconvincing under his reign..i hope that experience wont happen with inter..

    • #4

      most of us, Indonesian people seems worry about this kind of news..

  • soundevilz

    I’m still waiting for the final confirmation…. I’m afraid this is just another fuckin rumor

  • interfan@asean

    75% bullcrap I guess…

  • GB

    I hope that with this we can buy good players.

  • M Reza Pahlevi

    Not a breaking news… But breakheart news…

  • CasperV

    Veratti here we come!!

  • Rudi Hermawan