Pablo Barrientos

The future of Fredy Guarin is very uncertain. Strong rumors continue to link the Colombian away from Inter and towards the Premier League, specifically Tottenham. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter have already had an alternative if Guarin is indeed making his way to England. The name is Pablo Barrientos, 28 years old and an Argentinian midfielder at Catania. The player is talented and can play in midfield and also in the attack.

Source: GdS


  • atmaja

    modric or thiago alcantara perhaps? since i believe Guarin will cost big amount of money

  • interd1sia

    correct me on this but isn’t he a winger? how come he rumored to replace guarin who is central mid?

  • Budi Wibowo

    pablo who…

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    hmmmm……..dnt think so

  • interfan@asean

    who the hell’s this guy

  • Rafael Vieri

    If he was a couple of years Younger I’d think he was an ok replacement. Almost 29….no thanks

  • Chris

    ENOUGH with the Argentines! Icardi, Rojo, Barrientos, Gaitan, Gomez, Peruzzi… f***ing hell

  • tifointer

    It’s too young, too expensive and Inter never take argentinians. It’s stupid joke that this guy can replace Guarin.

  • #4

    Sell Guarin for 20 mio take Barrientos then Paulinho *Branca logic -__-”

  • siiidauz


  • Ren

    Great. Inter can make argentina national team.