It is Mirko Vucinic the new name for the Inter attack next season. To reveal this news is Turin newspaper Tuttosport which explains that Walter Mazzarri has made an explicit request to sign the Montenegrin striker. The Bianconeri are willing to sacrifice the player to make some money. However, we have not been able to find confirmation or evidence for this rumor.

Source: Tuttosport


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  • fendy

    Why don’t you just stop post article from Tuttosport, please??

  • mongkih

    as if there’s no other player from better club than this silly herd of zebra :(

  • Ben

    I think the reason of this rumor is.., rubentus want to sell him, and use this rumors to raise his price

  • FantAntonio

    Tuttosport means “toilet paper” in English

  • Rob

    Oh god no

  • Michael

    LOL this rumor is more funny when you’re drunk… and I’m drunk… XD

    • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

      Enough said :D

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      Ok LOL

    • Wickedpedia PHil

      they said the same about zlatan ,eto & ronaldo ..+ vucinic is no longer a part of juve’s project that’s why they’re after the likes of tevez,ibra,cavani,dzeko,juvetic…& the list goes on

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  • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

    Cassano > Vucinic ALL THE WAY. :)

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    And why would we need Vucinic at Inter?

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    pffftt fufufufu

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    Fuck Vucinic, we have Cassano already!