Walter Mazzarri could now be considered as the new Inter coach and in his game, wingers are extremely critical and Inter will have to pay attention for this role. The coach has a special relationship with Zuniga who is linked to Napoli until 2014. The Colombian is really tempted to follow him to Inter despite the pressing from Juventus.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • Parth Gawarikar

    Well who are we to stop him from getting what he wants…………..

  • 1nteristi

    Anyone knows if zuniga is a left or right winger? how is he defensively?

    • Dheandra Armyra Pratama

      he can play on both wings, his defending and attacking is very impressive IMO

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    freacking sell that perriera shit and replace him with this guy

    • casperv

      he´s a right winger, right?

      • Wickedpedia PHil

        zuniga is actually a right-back & played as a right-midfielder ,isla also..their role is not as deep as a classical winger playing wide,they sweep the entire flanks back & forth like a maicon but with an even more advanced position & attacking approach,they’d retreat far back to reinforce the 3 man in the backline

        • tifointer

          Are you kidding me? Sometimes I think people who comment here, start watch football just some months ago. Read my lips Zuniga is a left defender/fullback who plays best in 3-5-2. I think is time to understand that Inter can’t play 3-5-2 after Gasperini and Stramaccioni failure, is it so hrad to see? Can somebody tell me one good european club who plays with 3 defenders?

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    I think i am good analyzer, i already predict this long before the news…

    • casperv

      hehe.. thumbs up to you my friend!

  • Yan Surya Mahardika

    yes, Zuniga and Cuadrado (La Viola) both are Colombian. Ibarbo may be also Colombian hehe this is mix of Argentian and Colombian team

  • Liam31

    Yes , I’m pleased whith this news… he’s verry similar to Naga.
    Yuto-Guare-Zuniga = 3 box-to-box players

  • Bagus Adityo

    just bring him already, give Mazzari whoever he wants and we’ll see that Inter would be at the top at the end of the next season :)