According to Sky Sport 24, Andrea Stramaccioni will not direct training tomorrow at Appiano Gentile. The official reason is because the coach has suffered a virus (flu like symptoms) but this may very well be another sign that his time at Inter is almost over.

Source: Sky


  • CasperV

    Why the h.. throw another talent on the street!?? We never learn – giv the man the players he really needs for his 4-3-3 system and let’s judge him then next year! Sacking him and starting all over with Mazzarri (AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN) doesn’t make sense – Strama will only joine another team and do well and we’d have thrown talent on the street – Coutinho-style!

    • jr


    • Mudasir Malik

      In strama i TRUST!

      • Bruno Tome

        Good for you, keep cheering for Italy U-21, if they were in a league, he might be able to relegate them.

      • DHIKA//

        even casperv were better to argue than you man, commenting without reason, u’re awesome mudasir:-)

      • nugross

        I see You as Merda Fans :D..

        • def

          being critical does not imply that others are againts Inter :)

          • sembarang

            agree, i mean what’s wrong with this people, they have so much hatred with Strama.
            Lets not talk bout it again, we’re one guys…
            Strama is our past, (and as human i would say thanks to him,) and for Mazzarri, Welcome to INTER, wish you luck and you have our trust.

    • Dhama Zidqi

      if he want get experience, he came to the wrong team, he should join to serie B/C side, inter is winning team, we don’t need inexperienced coach.

    • Jonathan Zambrano

      Strama sucks dude…

    • kevinches

      I see you want to get inter relegated, because if we had 5 to 10 games to go we would of been relegated. More players and skilled players are not the solution. Look at fiorentina, how many star players from fiorentina could you name, i guess may be one. But they had a coach, even Udinese had a coach and no world class players. Inter have a caretaker

      • Sembarang

        have you ever heard Stevan jovetic made 13 goal and doesn’t get serious injured during last season, Adem Ljajic 11 goal and viviano as goalkeeper and he’s our former player back then. and their coach (Montella incase you don’t know) its 2nd+half season for him as a coach,
        and i thought we doesnt have “real star player” since we lost sneijder, or you have different definition about star player?
        my point is, we shouldn’t blame Strama for all the bad things we’ve been through during this horrible season,
        Mancini used to have Adriano, Ibra, and Ballo. Mou used to have Ibra, Etoo, and Milito, and Strama only have half Milito, half Casano, and half Palacio. i said half because our last three musketeer has past their era and have prone injury problem.
        so, i think we should say thanks to Strama and give the best support to Mazzarri, shouldt we?

    • ade

      4 points in ten matches, and you want him back next season. Even if you are playing with the primavera team not that kind of a disgrace

    • Nugross

      I see you as Merda fans.. :D

      • def

        Being critical does not imply that others are againts Inter :)

    • Uche Esele Akahome

      How many times did we play 433 this season? Here, this is Strama’s system! Does it look like this guy had a plan for Inter?

      • interdonesia

        how many times did we had enough players to fit the 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formation that were planned at start of the season? how many times in fact we had enough players with enough quality and fitness to play any formation that he really wanted?

        • def

          well? how many?

    • Uche Esele Akahome

      And this is Mazzari. Which of the two coaches seems to have a gameplan?

    • #4

      that coach already got no rescpect from his player

  • Memo Memo

    i think its bullshit..he’s trying to save his pride…instead of gettin sacked….he just wont go to the training coz mazzari will sure now takeover

  • A Mclerry TK

    No insult from anyone to strama..he does his best and thats is capability..His best just not enough for Intermilan..Once bitten twice shy..So we move on..strama almost gave me heartattack with my tender age….OUT = STRAMA.. IN= MAZZARRI

    • DeJePeh

      Same here dude, heart attack at my tender age..

  • Gamma

    Sack-Virus I think