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You can expect a lot of changes in this upcoming summer. With the arrival of Walter Mazzarri, Inter management will have to re-adjusted their plan that they have been working on for quite some time for Andrea Stramaccioni. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Zuniga and Fernando are the two objectives that the former coach of Napoli would like to have at Inter. Of course, the likes of Campagnaro and Icardi have already been signed for a few months now. This is obviously nothing official on how our team would look like next season but what do you guys think?

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • roudy

    doest he play with an attacking midlfielder?!! 3 central md?? i would like an attackin midfeilder behind palacio and icardi.

    • casperv

      WITH Kovacic in midfield as well?? Kova could be our attacking mid. but to keep balance we can´t play an att.M infront of Kovacic and Guarin – Strama knew this!

  • iamsuperman

    that seems good line up. Idk about the bench.

  • Demon

    I think it’s good but he has a lot of work to do and get them ready ,another thing i think we need our primavera players on the bench instead of silvestre longo,Bessa,Duncan,caldirola must be with us next year

    • deanalmer

      If officially Walter Mazzari will be our coach next season. i think you can start saying goodbye to our youngsters :)

  • interdonesia

    if this would be our formation then seems like we’ve wasted another money/time for players like laxalt, botta, or even alvarez. and we also can forget about gomez, alexis sanchez or even lazar markovic. and we may also forget about duncan, crisetig, bessa, caldirola or any other younger besides kovacic & jj

    • DHIKA//

      i guess he will used a trequarista, and make the midfield horizontal place not vertical :-).


      seems like they forgot who is Zanetti ???

      • Στεφανος Τσουντας

        If we buy Fernando Zanneti can play as a Substitute of him..

    • Havar

      Laxalt is overrated beyond belief anyway, would never have amounted to anything at Inter. Botta has a critical injury but is talented enough to survive in the short term, likewise Alvarez.

  • deka

    Juan jesus still immature…..i prefer andreoli instead of him..

    • Uche Esele Akahome

      SMH. He was our best defender this season.

  • Hadi Wiguna

    ok, we’ve seen mazzarri this, mazzarri that…
    you may call me not up to date, but I still have question in my mind whether he will be definitely our coach next season or not..

    • sembarang

      looks like someone has met the oracle :D

  • guess_who

    Zuniga ain’t good, rather put Naga on left side and take Basta or Isla on right side.
    Still hope Mou come back than Mazzari anyway

    • Eddie

      no isla please. he’s over hyped…and juve material…

  • interisme1908

    IMO..i think nagatomo should be replaced. Mazzari must find a new winger…that man should be more aggressive and provide good crossing…Isla would be great..

    • Eddie

      naga provides good crosses…and speed. he’s not adept defensively. but offensively he’s quite good really. :)

  • Jaringjok Motor

    Read this . a long detailed about how MAZZARI tactic with his 3-5-2 system.

  • Deden Adi Saputra

    dusan basta seems good option on the right wing

  • Sami

    i dont really like Zuniga, and we really have to replace Rannochia

    • interista

      Zuniga is okay but Rano has to leave

  • mito

    u should include botta. definitely a MUST!!

    • Yan Surya Mahardika

      Botta injured dude, this is just ilustration who will exactly join with Inter. More over will come like Paulinho, etc will be awesome

    • JustInter

      I think he need at least half a year to regain his condition. Just give him time to heal his physic and mentality.

  • Mateo Kovačić

    its worst formation:

    this is better with 4-3-3 :

    peruzzi campagnaro andreoli zuniga

    fernando kovacic markovic

    sanchez palacio botta

    • Peter

      Markovic as a CM? HA! Face it, if Mazzarri comes, we’ll almost certainly be playing 3 at the back.

      • Mateo Kovačić

        Markovic as AM !!! kovacic as CM !!! and fernando as DM !!!

    • Manuel Adrović

      In wich world do you live in?

      • Mateo Kovačić

        whats wrong ? thats my dream formation !

      • Manuel Adrović

        Ok, but andreolli and campagnaro starters? They both play in 3 man deffence. And i also can not still confirm andreolli a starter. Also formation with mazzari will be 3 man deffence for sure. Markovic will not come, he is going to chelsea. This is my formation.
        Campagnaro-Ranocchia/Andreolli-Juan Jesus

    • Manuel Adrović

      In wich world do you live in?

  • sembarang

    not convincing,
    i think if there’s no star player would come, it would be so much better to give our youngster chances and put faith in them.

    • Peter

      Mazzarri in general is anti-youth, if he comes, don’t expect to see a lot of youth playing.

      • Igor

        So was Strama untill all injuries happened

        • #4


  • Vincent

    see.. when down to talk about formation, everyone play Football Manager or Fantasy Football or whatsover.. but seriously Inter should work on attacker and defender..

  • Chainsaw69

    I much prefer he goes with 3-4-1-2 than this. And I don’t think Nagatomo is that good for this formation. Rather be Isla or Peruzzi there and two DCM in the middle with Kovacic behind the two strikers.

  • JustInter

    It is better if Nagatomo post was substitute by Ricky. Our full team attacking squad will be Ricky, Icardi, Palacio, and Botta. Still hope Cass,Livaja,Longo can be rotated with Icardi, Palacio. Perreira and Schelotto also deserve a chance IMHO. Don’t forget Benassi. Some good player from primavera also need to step up to Inter bench.

  • Inter01fan

    Im not a big fan of the formation…mainly the 3 man defense…i would much rather see this happen:


    • Chalon

      Botta is very misplaced there.

  • Inter01fan

    Im not a big fan of the formation…mainly the 3 man defense…i would much rather see this happen:


  • chili

    who is this fernando? the one from Porto?

  • D

    This is bull*hit! The transfer window hasn’t even started and we still do not have an official confirmation on our coach for next season(s) but we already are starting to guess about the formation. This will be changed during the course of summer for abou 1 000 000 times…


    so many news about Mazzarri lately, even know is not official yet,
    i was wondering if Moratti decision is NOT Mazzarri, ooops…….

    me personaly will give Strama another chance,
    but if Mazzarri become INTER coach, i will support him no matter what.

    • Eddie

      another chance to take us to relegation? no thanks. next coach please…

  • John

    No Zanetti?

    • Geraud

      He is not gonna play at least for the first 3-4 months of the next season and he is gonna need time to come back to full fitness, so you better think without him.