Straight from SportItalia, transfer market expert Alfredo Pedulla talks about the future Mauricio Isla especially if Walter Mazzarri is indeed coming to Inter. “Isla could fall into the plans of Inter because the player is really liked by Walter Mazzarri,” said Pedulla.

Source: SportItalia


  • Interalbania


  • Ognjen Dakic


  • Chalon

    Why people against this? Isla Is a good right back/wing back.

    • Chainsaw69

      He can also play as a CM.

  • Abu Hashem

    i would prefer Zuniga

  • Chainsaw69

    I was just thinking about this. I like Isla. Could be a very good option for us. An loan deal could be an idea for us to take.

  • A~Nerazurra

    juve player ? i say no no no … we are INTER :| no to all juve player . they are shit :-”

    • Parth Gawarikar

      They are shit when they go from Inter to Juve. Eg. Lucio.

      • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran


    • Interalbania

      So u dont like ibra?

      • DeJePeh

        And Vieira?

  • Zselic

    if we really have to sign someone from jubentus, let it be Quagliarella. he is an all-rounder in the attack, could be really useful

  • CasperV

    Isn’t he playing for Juve?? They would never sell him to us! He’s a great player though and I would take him – but what about Peruzzi??

  • Grande

    Sell Pereira, get Isla and Zuniga, and we are done on full backs.

  • flyingfresh

    Well if we really are hiring mazzari and if he is going to stick with his favorite 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2 then we need the right players!!!!
    We cannot afford another season like this,
    Mazzari’s system require

    • flyingfresh

      2 wide CB s to act as midfielders and 2 wing backs to be real athletes with high quality I’m talking about top class footballers,t again! mazzari and strama s style is different and yet effective but as long as they have the investment in the right options.

  • jr

    i like him but it all depends how much jube wants for his ass

    • jR

      get him and zuniga and get rid of either naga or pereira. i think naga is worst then pereira tbh. more hyped and higher rated but he pretty much sucks, in reality.

  • Rafael Vieri

    Great Player. I would love to see him at Inter. he should’ve chosen us over juve back in the day, but I forgive him. Come Join us, Isla!!!

  • kira

    Wow mazarri wants juve player isla and melo.. Aren’t they flop when play with juve?

  • Julian Mercieca

    already talking about players mazzarri likes to buy for inter. and it is still not official that mazzarri joined inter…. media …… rumours …… give me a break!!!

  • Abdi

    Zuniga or Cuadrado are better wing backs. They got pace and they can easily get past defenders.with their dribbling skills..