According to the Corriere dello Sport, Inter continue to think about Paulinho for its 2013-2014 midfield. The Rome based newspaper suggests that the Brazilian could have a similar role of that of Hamsik especially with Mazzarri at the helm of Inter.

Other than the Brazilian, Inter also like Fernando, Kondogbia and Nainggolan and also do not rule out possible Nocerino-Silvestre exchange with Milan.

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

    Get Paulinho if he doesn’t become a drama queen again, get Fernando and Nocerino (the midfield needs serious reconstruction, keeping Mudingayi is the worst possible decision they could have made).
    Start getting rid of Schelotto and similar idiots. Get someone to replace Rocchi and Schelotto, and get at least one more player who can organize things from the back (like Kovacic does now). I hope the deals for Campagnaro and Icardi are already closed, and that Mazzari can get someone from Napoli (read: Inler) to join him for a little less money than usual.
    Full backs are also a problem if Pereira and Nagatomo play like this next season too.

    • Zselic

      what are you talking about? you want Nocerino in and Mudingayi out?
      Mudingayi is by far our best ball-winner (probably in Serie A aswell), it’s not his fault he had a serious injury

      • 22

        blame it on the ball..right..he is 31yearsold we dont need him.. nocerino is really good in his postion.. and we signed gargano too??.. plus we have duncan joel obi.

        • Gio Giorgi

          Zselic is right. Mudingayi is better than Nocerino and Gargano on his position.

        • Zselic

          so what if he’s 31? he still has at least 2 good seasons to go…
          and if he’s old, then what should we do about Chivu, Samuel, Cambiasso, Milito?

          • Interalbnia

            They leavin dont u worry about that.. 2 more seasons? U gotta be kiddin me right? He could not even play one season for us?

      • Chalon

        Mudingayi the best ball winner in Seria A? He is a decent player but he is not that good. He can steal the ball well, the rest of his game is average, not a world-class player at all.

      • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

        I have seen every single game he played this season. The man is a MENACE with a ball at his feet and proved nothing special in his defensive duties. Forgive me, but calling him the best ball winner in Serie A is ludicrous.
        Besides, his serious injury at this age could also give you a hint about his potential next season. Any player who suffers that kind of injury at that age has about a 10% chance to carry on at the same rate he had before getting injured (once again, even that rate was far from impressive). Inter are supposed to be a top team next season, Mudingayi just won’t cut it, and wasting money on his wages would be most unwise. Even Zanetti and Milito would have been out of any other team in this same situation, the only thing keeping them in Inter right now is their history (don’t get me wrong, I don’t want those 2 out). I am sorry for Mudingayi’s injury, but it’s not Inter’s responsibility, and they can’t build with him. He’s got to go.

        On the other hand, Nocerino is a great player, but that is not the point. The point is if Mazzari can use him, if he fits into Mazzari’s plans. I just said that I personally rate him higher than Mudingayi with a vision that I personally have for the team (which is completely irrelevant right now), because I have very high hopes that Fernando will take over when it comes to ball-winning midfielders next season.

    • Rikard Olsson

      I like Nagatomo. To me he is one of the strongest full backs offensively there is, defensively on the other hand (especially in the air)… But since Mazzarri most likely will play with three central defenders then some of his negatives gets smoothened out. If Tottenhamn makes a good offer for Pereira, then I say sell him. Replace him with Zuniga (here Mazzarri and Córdoba should be enough to convince). Second fullback I would chose is Isla. This since he has been quality for Udinese for a long time before that horrendous season at Jube for him personally, hence likely low valuation and thereby might be a steal. Both these players have been playing in Serie A for years, are in the right years (27 and 24) and both can play on left or right side as well as maybe even as midfielder (att. midfielder?). Montoya, Mbaye and other young players I’m not sure if they are ready to contribute on the highest level right now, especially since I havent seen much games from any of those. Schelotto everyone agrees is a mystery signing so of course out. Jonathan will probably be difficult to sell and we will most likely get close to nothing for him. So if he stays its fine by me, as long as he is the last choice ;)

      • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

        I actually completely agree with you on the full backs. Zuniga is a target according to tomorrow’s papers, and Isla could be a grand player, but dealing with Rube has been a problem for Inter before, and I think it could prove the same now; besides, there is also Udinese, as half of his contract still belongs to them.
        Pereira was supposed to be much better than this, I would really think twice before selling him, but he has been absolutely horrendous these past couple of months.
        On the point of Schelotto and Jonathan, I actually find it hard to believe someone would buy either of them, but lets test our luck :)

  • Majid

    ive been hearing some whispers about this nocerino-silvestre deal, PLEASE BE TRUE!! you mean to tell me we can get rid of this heavy obligation called matias and get a solid ITALIAN all around midfielder?? YES YES YES !! its like getting a nice and cool lemon juice for throwing away your doggy’s poo

  • Grande

    Paulinho is a RCM or CM. I doubt he can play in a advanced role as AM.

  • Grande

    Paulinho is a RCM or CM. I doubt he can play in a advanced role as AM.

  • Ravcio

    I think he can have similar role as Vidal, not like Hamsik, from what I heard he is not a playmaker.

  • Grande

    I’m still curious to see what kind of midfield formation we are going to have. A three man midfield with Kovacic as LCM and Guarin with Paulinho to share the CM and RCM positions. The only player we have with AM characteristics is Alvarez which I would prefer to see him play as right winger.