MILAN - Massimo Moratti again answered the questions of the press gathered outside the Saras offices.

As ever read what the Nerazzurri president had to say in full here on

Still no news?

“We’re still making decisions, nothing’s been done yet.”

Should we expect it to be resolved by this evening or will it take a bit longer?

“No chance of anything this evening, but there’s no rush. We’ve got time.”

Coming back to what we discussed earlier: the stats don’t make for great reading, but Stramaccioni is a talented coach…

“I agree with you. On the one hand he’s a talented guy who will definitely be a success in this business, on the other we have the situation we find ourselves in. So I’m thinking about the best choice I can make.”

Are you a fan of Walter Mazzarri?

“They’re all good coaches, but then they have to work at Inter, which is something different.”




    I hate it like Moratti gives interviews. Always “we will see”! I hate it… He should say Stama that he stays or (hopefully) goes! I wish Strama a smaller Club. Give him Time and he will be one of the best Italian coaches! :*

    • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

      What a weird comment…

      Your comment tell everyone that you didn’t understand if everywords comes from important person like moratti is expensive, of course he can’t easily speak club’s classified informations for journalist breakfast…

      There’s a time, just wait…

    • #4

      actually, that is why he become Il Presidente. he speaks with carefully and wise

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Many mature people here have brain like a kid, tossed around by news everyday and believe it like they don’t have 10 second to realize what the fuck they just read…

    Yesterday almost of us said “PAZZA INTER STRAMALA”, now they turn around and competing to say “SACK HIM”. This behaviour has happen too with Inter players that once good and look bad now.

    If you can’t stick with one thing or can’t be neutral, better you keep your mouth shut, you act like someone that doesn’t have stance in your life.

    • abdee

      Like it, that what supposed to be happen

  • interdonesia

    please please please, if you really want a rebuild or revolution, start it with your own staff, start it with the management, not the coach. there will be no point in sacking and taking another coach if the management is still as sucks as they are now. better than replace those on the field, it would be much more useful to replace those off the field