Here is the latest on the Inter coaching situation from Sky reporter/journalist Gianluca Di Marzio.

“Inter president did not seem convinced by Walter Mazzarri because the signs were pointing to his will of having continuity. However, the need to give a spark to this club prevailed and soon the official announcement will arrive.”



  • Hadi Wiguna

    man…, it’s getting confusing..

    well, I’ll have my breakfast then..

  • Rafael Vieri

    Fair enough

  • kira

    Well i think morrati want to build some team for long period with the same coach it’s start well with strama until we beat juve and then our team play like serie B. I don’t know how can we play so good until we beat juve and like 2nd leg vs tottenham but play $hit in the other match.

    • Julian Mercieca


  • raflin kolondam

    imho its bcos Moratti is the person that hold onto his words, and he already said that Strama will stay

  • Aga Lagolda Putra

    being crazy about this “New Allenatore-or Not” thing.

  • casperv

    I´M NOT convinced either… firing Strama will turn out as a big mistake (once again made by our management)! Letting go only makes sense if we can get a real top-coach instead (Spalletti, Prandelli (after next years WC maby??), even Ancelotti or the Duch guys Hiddink or Jupp H.) – NOT a Italian cup-winner and 3-5-2-playing Mazzarri!!