MILAN - Massimo Moratti answered the questions of the press outside the Saras offices:

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Have you spoken to Stramaccioni?

“I’ve not yet spoken to him nor anyone else. We’ll see if, after this season, I have time to sort things out.”

So you’re considering what to do?

“I’m thinking long and hard. This is a period in which, along with everything else, I’m trying to find a solution.”

Given the assurances over the last few days, what’s caused you to change your mind about the coach?

“I’m not yet saying that I’ve changed my mind, all I’m trying to do is consider what’s happened so I can see what really is in Inter’s best interests at this moment in time.”

The numbers don’t make for good reading…

“You can’t get away from that, I’ve realised that for myself.”



  • Mudasir Malik

    basically moratti’s first problem is to get investors. Then he will will sort the matter of a new manager. Pesonally i hope he sticks with strama as it is whats best for inter in the long term. Mazzarri left napoli because he said “4 years is enough to stay at any club”….. Is this a sign for inter??!! after 3/4 years will he go?? however with strama we can build. anyway whatever happens i with inter all the best <3 INTER WILL RISE!
    Forza Inter.


      Firstly, 3 years are enough for Mazzarri. Than we will see! Since Mou, every coach was 1/2 years…

  • Abdi

    Best thing you can do for Inter is to sell the club to someone who can invest in the team and buy good players.