According to the Corriere dello Sport in newsstand in a few hours, Walter Mazzarri has already made a request for the midfield of Inter. “Mazzarri wants Felipe Melo at Inter,” reads the headline on the front page of the paper.

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • Grande


  • david

    see that Mazzarri want Melo,Inler,Nainggolan and he will not use Kovacic

    • Nugross

      Kovacic as AMF and Meli as DMF so why not?? But compare Kova with Inler and NAinggolan I better chose that two name last.. More Experienced in Serie A football.

  • JustInter

    Melo ??? another hoax?

  • Rafael Vieri

    Isn’t he still a Juve player?
    Definetely No for him.

  • Abu Hashem


  • npm

    Haha that guy wasn’t good enough for Juve back when they were shit, now all of a sudden he’s good enough for Inter. If this rumor has any substance than Mazzarri should absolutely not be our coach.

  • Inter DiHati

    Mazzari better use Kovacic next season!!!

  • Vincent

    let him in and let branca out.. :P

  • guess_who

    Felipe melo? Just matter of time we will take amauri too.

    • Hussain Ahmed ♡


  • Wickedpedia PHil

    his juve was strama’s inter..although the 2nd was worse

  • Gamma

    Must objective here, even though I hate him, but he’s doing good in Galatasaray, I watch Galatasaray a lot. But still i prefer Obiang. I hope the midfield will be:

    Isla – Guarin – Kovacic – Obiang – Zuniga

  • Mohammed Al-zadjali

    people must understand this,KOVA IS NOT AN AMF and he play as one… if you noticed kova when he is near the box where it gets all crowded he dont always pass that great comparing with an open place like the midfield… here really should think of buying an amf playmaker to assist at least 15+ goals in the season and the perfect guy for that is HAMSIK because he knows how to play under mazzari plans and he has the most # of assists last season, i know you’re wondering how could we get him… we simply sell alvarez who had his chance (15-20 millions) and sell cassano (dont know how much this guy’s worth but he’ll give us some millions that we need plus his high salary count) + some money of our own and we can wrap up hamsik at 25-30 millions :) in my mind he’s the only on we need in this transfer season besides zuniga and one great RB

    here is my dream starting 11

    campa,samuel/rano,juan jesus

    new rb(anyone),guaro,kova,zuniga


    palacio icardi

    fyi: gargano’s wife is hamsik’s sister :) LETS BRING THE FAMILY TOGETHER <3

  • Solberg – Norway

    And so it begins…

  • Ljun

    OH, there goes the youth project. NO BENASSI OR DUNCAN. I pity my club. We never seem to get it right.

  • Zam

    Sometimes i wonder when people make stuff up why they dont consider the situation, why would melo probably take a paycut to play non CL and why would we get him when like ljun said benassi and duncan are available

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    gargano is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy better than felipe shitto

  • Lucas

    No…just no.

  • Elvis

    Melo???, i really dont belive its true,aahhh this fucking paper”s today..

  • asisansiro

    what a wasted player….