As we are waiting to see what will happen to the future of Inter bench, in England, another club has recently made the change after 27 years: David Moyes will start a new era with Manchester United and the former Everton coach, according to FC Inter 1908, has identified Andrea Ranocchia as the ideal player to replace 34 year-old Rio Ferdinand although the veteran defender has just extended contract for one more season. The intention of the Scottish manager is to submit an offer to Inter in the coming weeks for the Inter defender who still has two more years in contract.

Source: FC Inter 1908


  • DeJePeh

    Oh, we’re doomed.. After Jupe, now MU.. What do they see in Rano that we cannot see? In my view, he’s been in poor form this year, so poor.. But yet, Jupe and MU still want him..

    • deanalmer

      Rano was in poor form because our defensive midfielder is shit. He’s a great defender. I look up to him.

  • Gamma

    Its just proof that he has huge potential to be world class. He just need right mentality and right coach to motivated him. First half season proved that.

    • jr

      this is no proof at all. he is hyped because he is italian. we payed 17 million for him and what has he shown so far? keep in mind he is already 25 years old and played never outside italy. JJ came fresh from the brazilian league and made himself an automatic starts. one might even argue he is a better defender then rano and he is only 21.

      • deanalmer

        Hahaha. MARK MY WORDS, it would be a mistake if inter selling him :)

      • sembarang

        he’s one of the best defender we have now, and its stupid if we want to sell him. do you think that andreolli, Campagnaro or silvestre could do better than him?no one can guarantee

        • Ognjen Dakic

          Ranocchia will never be as good as Campagnaro is!

          • casperv

            with the help FROM Campagnaro he might be!!

  • Firman

    No. Just don’t let him go. Period

    • Zoran Panic

      Are you stupid or what???

  • Zam

    dont sell unless for crazy money, keep him healthy and give him a good partner if the wall leaves

  • M. Ikhsan Habib Lubis

    i just read somewhere that his first half of the season’s performance has been ranked no 1 from 6 big leagues. it also had juan for no 6 or 7

  • Israld

    oh NO NO NO NO WAY!!

    This one is not for sale!
    Take Silvestre if they want

  • JustInter

    Then lets ask them 25 M pounds. Don’t sell it under that price please.

  • Michel Kupelian

    wow it seems like all the rumors are sky high! and the president is keeping us all in the dark! i hope mazzari comes we need someone with strong tactics and i hope that rano , juan, handa, guarin, and kovacic ofcourse stay! we must learn from our mistakes and keep our best players! COUNTINHO!! :’(

  • interdonesia

    HELL NO!!!

  • putu

    NO !!!!!!

  • Julian Mercieca

    people complain that he is too slow and here comes an offer from an english team in a league were fast football is played

    • Chalon

      that doesn’t make him fast.

      • Julian Mercieca

        ofcourse not! it means that if he is slow for the italian football he will be seen as more slow in english football since the football there is faster

  • Inter DiHati

    N-O NO!

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Yeah if we should sell better sell abroad…

  • ran

    Rano MUST stay!!! enough said.

  • Zoran Panic

    No are we so stupid,big clubs like Man Unt nad Juve wants him,he’s very good player just too coach who know to use him!!! WTF NO,NO!!!

  • interisme1908

    I just wondering…Ranocchia out….Rooney IN….Awsome…

    • Liam31

      FiFa2014 yes , real life NO . :(

  • Liam31

    :))) oooo don’t sell him …

  • Abood Da Shinzo

    He needs to go. Rano has been one of the main reasons why our defence is abousletely misreable this season. His lack of defending iq, lapse of concertration and big mistakes on the regular. Now, you may argue that Strama hasnt helped him to improve. but, i was watching since that Winter 2011 season and since then hes always been error prone. Hes not a leader niether has some kind of understanding of how the game is played. Really really naive.

    • Liam31

      Yes u right !!!! I’m horrifed by Rano’ … he’s erros chase me in my dreems —
      If MU-Juve give us 10-15-18 mil. SELL !!!!! Andreoli+Campa will make the diference in defenc next y’r .

  • interista

    SELL!!! poor defender

  • Sandro Mehić

    SELL THIS PIECE OF CRAP! – Go buy Dragovic from Basel insted’

  • Sandro Mehić

    SELL THIS PIECE OF CRAP! – Go buy Dragovic from Basel insted’


    we should proud of him, Juve & Manchester Utd want him……


    we should proud of him, Juve & Manchester Utd want him……

  • Serhio_D

    no! no! NOOOOO! Get your filthy hands from Froggy! He’s gotta be untouchable like Kova&Juan!

  • InterFin

    I would consider selling him if the offer meets Inters demands. Maybe take Chicarito + cash for him. Then get Douglas and/or Benatia.
    Although I’d only consider offer from ManU not Jube!