Speaking to Radio CRC, journalist Alfredo Pedulla continues to talk about the chances that we would see Walter Mazzarri at Inter. The transfer expert says that one of the main reasons that convince Mazzarri to join Inter is the club’s willingness to invest in the transfer market.

Source: Radio CRC


  • http://FedeNerazzurra.com/ Michael

    It doesn’t matter who is going to be the coach, we still need to invest.

    • Frey

      Of course. But we also need someone to lead the team. That’s why we need Mazzarri

    • Interalbania

      Do you how much money we talk about mike?

  • Chalon

    I am willing to invest in a Ferrari, but I can’t cause I don’t have enough. So I wonder how much investement we are talking about and from where.

  • CasperV

    eriksen as his “Hamsik”???

    • Inter

      Shut up please..

    • Peter

      Eriksen is almost certainly going to Dortmund. Give up.

    • Vincent

      eeeek, just buy defender and attacker will they?

  • pm

    Does Mazzarri likes primavera players or we still wont see them in action?

    • sembarang

      if the ex-primavera coach doesnt have enough faith to our primavera, why we should expect mazzarri do the opposite way.
      since we have so much expectation on him, i think mazzarri know that he can rely on our youngster, he’ll prefer to use a mature player who already have experience.

  • CasperV

    invest?? with what money?

    • Lucas

      Those from Rocchi sale. :D

      • Vincent

        veryyyyy funny!! :))

  • http://www.facebook.com/bellal.amerkhail Bellal Amerkhail

    If Man UTD offer 25 mil for Rannochia, i say we sell him, sign douglas for free, and maybe invest in Isco or Di maria or ANYbody decent,the last thing we need is to get more players like palombo silvestre schelletto etc

    • http://www.facebook.com/bellal.amerkhail Bellal Amerkhail

      Kovacic needs a decent partner or a world class striker to link with.