Walter Mazzarri is “ready for Inter” and this is according to the Gazzetta dello Sport in its Wednesday edition. The Milan newspaper also talks about a two year deal for the former Napoli coach who already has a couple of transfer targets in mind. “The coach wil focus on bringing to Inter Juan Camilo Zuniga and Radja Nainggolan as reinforcements, while Guarin will be his Marek Hamisk.”

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • dr.feelgood

    Hope this kinda superstition is true, with the last two “M” coach inter hit jackpot

    • Vincent

      amen, bro! :)

  • A Mclerry TK

    cant wait…

  • Lucas

    If Guarin will be his Marek Hamsik, then I start to worry who Kovacic will be. :S

    • max

      dont worry kovacic is a spesial player,like zanetti every coah would be pleased have him in the skuad.and remember he is just 19

      • nugross

        Yes You Right, he just 19 and still can make huge improvement.. If the treatments right..

  • Ravcio

    First Paulinho, now Guarin, who will be next to be new Hamsik?

    • Ricardo Díaz Bernal

      I hope Hamsik himself

      • sembarang

        yeah, no one would be more suitable than hamsik himself. :D

        • Inter

          Yup :D

  • Ndi Donk

    if mazzari will come… I still hope that we can use our young player (mixed with some experienced player) to build the INTER future.

    if INTER will play 3-5-2 under mazzari… I hope it will be…

    (off course… the one and only… our number 10…) KOVACIC
    PALACIO/MILITO – ICARDI/(someone of another new young striker I hope we get)

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    why guarin as his new hamsik…why not bring hamsik to be his hamsik..since hamsik only knows how to be hamsik…hamsikception :O

    • tomhungary

      because Hamsík has a contract with Napoli, and his release clause is about 25-30 million??

      • hasse77

        I would guess that the clause is a bit higher than that, 40 as the lowest perhaps.

  • Havar

    Guarin <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Hamsik. If we receive an offer from Tottenham above 15mil, sell that selfish brute.