Massimo Callegari, a journalist of Sport Mediaset, commented on Guarin’s situation at Inter: “Guarin should be put in a position that suits his style of play, though, if Mazzarri does join Inter, Guarin would flourish. ”

Source: Napoletana Radio



    For me Guarin is a key Player in Inter. You never found a second player who bring so Dynamic and Power in the team. Use him right, give him much motivation, PUT HIM AT THE RIGHT POSITION and we will see the Guarin in the first half of the Season! Don’t sell him for 20 mil to totham!

    • Chalon

      Finally a positive post on Guarin. I agree we need to keep him.

    • Zoran Panic


    • FFSit

      What??!! Do you realy live in this world dude?? wake up!!
      wich position in 1st half of the season for Guarin? He is Defensive Midfielder with Cambiasso. in 1st half season is going well. His role as Motta duet with Cambio like in Mou era going well. After vs Jube his confident & ego going high & higher to attack. When he in attack position, he lazzy to going back to covered front box of Inter. I know he is energertic in runs & powerfull of body balance, and it’s make some freshener to you all, while “Inter player laying in the grass”. So, the Big Mistakes is in 2nd half season. Coach put Guarin in attacking position! And Guarin want it so strong that role! He got run with ball forget pass ball to team mate, lost the ball when he always run & keeping ball, he shots much with no accuracy. So how much we lose when Guarin play as attacking MF? I think most of it… Guarin must sell after season, in DM he too much make fault like di Biagio. If you want kind of player good in DM and know the balance of positionning, I wonder Jordy Classie from Feyenord, Nederlands National Team. Or Paulinho in same kind of playing type

      Michael, perhaps u read my comment. i ask u and ur team give player statistic of Guarin…. :D

      • deanalmer

        Are you saying Jordy Classie is better than Guaro? LOL x) You know what, Fredy didn’t asking to be attacking midfielder. He’s not like it.

    • Julian Mercieca

      finally! where have you been? ;)

  • Abu Hashem

    agreed, Guarin main problem i think is his mentality, there is no questioning his technical ability and power, so with a great motivator like Mazzari he would flourish, if he were to be granted his favorite position of-course