Marco De Marchi, the agent of Inter defender Luca Caldirola who is on loan at Brescia, talks of his client’s near future.

“Luca, at the moment, is focused on his current situation, he’s in the play-offs with Brescia and when he’s done with that he will travel to Israel for the Under-21 European Championship so at this time, I believe it is inappropriate to talk about the market. The only thing I can say is that I’ll have to talk to Inter and Cesena who own the boy to see what they plan to do with him. I think it will take at least a month to finally have a clear idea of Caldirola’s future. ”

Source: FC Inter News


  • J.Li

    Hope Inter can bring him back

  • M. Ikhsan Habib Lubis

    dont sell this lad. he has a great future. anyway, the defence of mangia’s team has consist bardi, bianchetti, biraghi, donati, and caldirola (as captain). what a future that inter has!!

    • Rob

      Not like we’re ever gonna give em a chance!!

      • mongkih

        it might be. IF we do stick to this year zero thing, in a year or two :)

  • Zam

    If he comes one or two of samuel, chivu, silvestre has to leave
    unless we have another injury prone season then we’ll need all the CBs we can hold on to

    • majid

      silvestre has to leave either way !!

  • Rafael Vieri

    He has a bright future ahead of him….we gotta keep him!

  • Michel Kupelian

    we have so many good players that i wish we can develop! duncan and mbaye are my favourite to stay!

  • interdonesia

    with so many new center back, i don’t think he had any place in the team anymore even with defence of 3. but still hoping he’ll get a chance to play here

  • Saeid Frj

    moratti please back luca tp inter.hi is best

  • Hussain Ahmed ♡

    i say let him stay at cessena one more year then buy him back

  • Hussain Ahmed ♡

    i say let him stay at cessena one more year then buy him back