Here is the warning by the Corriere dello Sport: the announcement of Mazzarri could get delayed a bit. The reason is if the majority share of the team is sold, then the new president/owner would like to get a coach of his choice.

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • rudy

    well its a bit weird…moratti isnt saying strama is out…isnt saying someone is comong…usually its either white or black
    .this time its like moratti thinking of something bigger.. although i doubt that hes going to sell the most part of inter…its weird whats happening

    • CasperV

      agree.. He´s “doing whats best for Inter now” and “at the end of the season he´ll look at the coach situation”… is he really selling the club now ??

  • Memo Memo

    even if moratti is selling the team i still want moratti to be the one incharge of the club…not the other president…moratti made us suffer for 3 years coz he made no investments on players but i still wants him to be the president…no one else would know inter any better