Straight from il Premio Gentleman, Mateo Kovacic revealed what is his most preferred position. The young Croatian is seen as a mezz’ala (side midfielder) by Stramaccioni but he has clear ideas.

“In terms of my favorite role, I would said central midfielder,” the words of Mateo. So we are all waiting for the 4-3-3 next year, one that the club and the coach are working on…

Source: FC Inter News


  • fendy

    I can imagine Inter rely on this lad next season in terms of building attacks. He has the ability to dribble past the opponents and unleashing a deadly pass. This season he has showed this characteristic but unfortunately he didn’t have right partner in midfield. I think he could play better if he were supported by 2 defensive midfielder. IMO, next season let him free to create chances, don’t bother him with defending tasks.

    • Inter DiHati

      lets pray that he will be an injury free next year

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Football clubs not a military, if in a military camp a commander said “i told you and you’re just doing like what i told you”, you can’t do it in a club, especially like Inter… Hear the players and look for the best way to make it working with respect…