We hear the words of beleaguered manager Andrea Stramaccioni after the 0-0 draw with Genoa.

GENOA - “The first positive note regards the way Inter played their game on a level of motivation and character against an in-form team. They did it for long stretches and took a step forward in terms of passing and ball possession. During the second half, with the introduction of Cassano, we were more dangerous.” These were Andrea Stramaccioni’s opening comments to Sky Sport Italia after the match against Genoa.
The coach focused on the Nerazzurri’s midfield in his responses: “Guarin is an extraordinary player. He’s a physical force with quality as well, and in addition he’s an important presence in the dressing room. As an inside midfielder along with Kovacic and another player we would have a solid foundation for the league. He’s an exceptional inside midfielder and he’d work very well in a 4-3-3.”

The coach continued on the subject of tactics and formations: “The thing that we’ve lacked this season has been the possibility to work on a foundation and build on it with clear ideas.” ‘Strama’ explained: “Four defenders with three midfielders, in the middle of which you could have a high or low pivot, with three in front.”

Speaking of attacking players, what about Antonio Cassano’s future? “Antonio still has another year left on his contract with Inter,” said Stramaccioni. “Today he worked hard to contribute. It would be premature and wrong now to talk about the players’ futures. It’s something our directors will discuss, not me. I’m confident in their work. And as for myself, I’ll continue to give 101% for Inter.”

He then spoke to Mediaset: “I saw signs of improvement, and now the team is growing in confidence. Perhaps we’re struggling in the final 20 yards in attack, but it went well today when Antonio came on. Most of all I’m pleased from a motivational standpoint.”

The manager answered questions pertaining to both the past and future: (Is it humiliating to have to play in the qualification round of the Coppa Italia?) Honestly, I think whether we finish in seventh, eighth or ninth it doesn’t change much after missing out on Europe. Last year Fiorentina were in the preliminary round and things didn’t turn out too badly for them, seeing how they’re now challenging for a spot in the Champions League. (Did I feel as if I were on my own in the Sneijder affair, and is there a need for more backbone in the club?) I’ve always been at the centre of things here, but ultimately the final decision rests with president.”

Continuing to Rai Sport: “Now we have to finish well as regards effort and results, for both us and our fans. Then we have to start again in a clear manner, analysing what went wrong. But this needs to be done on strong foundations like our youth, for example, and you all saw today how well they played. Stramaccioni is just one part of Inter, and what counts is Inter as a whole. The president knows I’ll always give my best. (My state of mind?) I’ve got a lot of experience, and I don’t feel I’m either a phenomenon or a poor coach. I’ve learned a lot, and by 30 June I’ll be even more mature.”

To Radio Rai: “The youngsters and Cambiasso? Every time I’ve asked Cuchu, out of necessity this season, to cover that role he’s always done a great job.” Stramaccioni continued: “I have to congratulate Pasa; fielding him as a central defender had been one of my ideas with the Primavera team. (How do I feel with all the rumours circulating on the future Inter coach?) I’m very lucky; I’m regarded by a man to whom I owe everything, and his name is Massimo Moratti. I’m at his disposal. Should he decide to get rid of me I’d be grateful just the same. (Me as the Ferguson of Inter?) That would be a dream. But what gives me so much confidence is the fact that I’ve gained so much experience. I’ve been lucky enough to have great players and a great president.”

The coach then concluded the press conference with these statements: “I’m very happy for Pasa. You saw today the kind of potential he has. Stramaccioni went on in depth about the youth players in the lineup: “Yes, he (Pasa) made a mistake on that first ball, but Handanovic helped save his debut… Spendlhofer? His initial negotiations with Inter didn’t go well, but there’s no doubt he’ll remain here. Olsen? He’s the latest one I’ve added, but today I preferred Benassi. However his debut is just a matter of time. (Was it held up by a clause?) No, it was held up by his coach. It’s normal for there to be several clauses for such young lads, but these aren’t what affected things. (Do I think I’ve convinced the president for the Inter of the future?) I don’t think that chat convinced him. We have a candid rapport and I hear from him often. I’m convinced that things can start well from a negative end to the season. (What’s going to happen?) These statements have to come from the president. I’ve already taken a lot of responsibility this season.”

Source: Inter.it – Sky Sport Italia – Mediaset – Rai Sport – Rai Radio


  • http://twitter.com/LaBeneamata32 Abu Hashem

    any news on the rumors of Inter officials meeting Mazzari’s agent today?

    • Fahm

      I hope this is true

  • Stojan Mihajlovski

    Wow, we are happy with a draw against Genoa……

    • Raja Ahmad Azamuddin

      looser mentality. praise genoa like a big team and happy to snatch a draw with them.

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      Mr.Bean is working his asses..

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    Guarin is an extraordinary player ? ohh my what has inter come too SMH, FACEPALM..

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    Each time i hear him talk i feel i want to kill him..such a poor coach and drama queen

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    He needs to stop kissing Moratti’s ass n start coaching

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahmad.akbar.100 Ahmad Akbar

    how dare he says guarin is an inside midfilder while he keeps playing him as a damned failed trequartista while leaving alvarez rot on the bench in matches?! you might have good prospect as coach, but at the moment you are simply clueless for club like inter..please resign and add more experience!

  • JustInter

    (Me as the Ferguson of Inter?) That would be a dream. But what gives me
    so much confidence is the fact that I’ve gained so much experience. I’ve
    been lucky enough to have great players and a great president.” —> Did Alex Ferguson often change his players position? No. He give them a chance and hairdryer treatment if they fail in the field.

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    drama.. ooh drama..

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    as disappointing as it may have been i still haven’t been able to watch the game and can’t find it in my usual places online. Anybody have a link for where i cant watch/download?