Catalan newspaper Sport remains critical of Alexis Sanchez despite the fact that he scored the goal to win the match against Atletico Madrid. The newspaper seems to disregard his past performances and only talks about his future away from Barcelona.

“The forward has had a lot of ups and downs and given more cause for concern than joy during these two years. It is time to decide what to do with him but his improvement in the last few weeks is not enough for a third opportunity

Source: Sport


  • Danijel Milekić

    Since he left Udinese he has been a super-flop.
    If we get him now for a price Barca is asking or even worse for Handanovič; then we are fuking idiots.

    • Interalbania

      Superflop.. Haha

  • Rafael Vieri

    I would take him to inter any day. He would be a star with us.