The future of Fredy Guarin is here at Inter, however, that does not mean that he is not for sale. According to Sky, anyone has a price and for the Colombian midfielder, it is over 20 million euros. Sky’s Andrea Paventi spoke of Fredy Guarin’s future: “Inter are willing to evaluate any offer for Guarin that is over 20 million, otherwise the player will not be sold.”

Source: Sky


  • Mohammed Al-zadjali

    he is a really good player but he should really focus on passing a bit more than shooting… no other complains

  • CasperV

    Ehh .. ofcause! Hopefully he’ll show something more next year than this season.. but still think we should sell and spend the money on a “real” trequestra” (like Eriksen) or a def.midfielder to help Kovacic (and pos. Kuzmanovic) out

    • Chalon

      You shouldn’t sell a CM to buy a AM. Sell an AM to buy another AM. Guarin is a CM, forget where he played this season.
      As we are right now, we only need one more midfielder to play with Guarin and Kovacic, if we sell Guaring and buy a AM, we are short 2 players not just one in the midfield.

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    wow if we get an offer over 20M i say sell him….with 20M we could buy a truly world class midfielder … moutinho

    • Abu Hashem

      Spurs couldnt buy Moutinho for 30 million last year LOL

      • Sebastian Alston

        They can sign me instead. A better defender than Jonathan I am sure of it. :)

  • Danijel Milekić

    I liked him more when he was used as a defensive midfielder, he makes too many mistakes under pressure in the attack.

  • GT

    Guaro is really struggling. He lacks focus and he is a player that doesnt fit in starmas system. I see him ideally on a 4-4-2 formation him being a CM. If an offer arrives being mínimum at 15 mill, I would sell him with my eyes closed. With 15-20 m we could afford a winger or an attacking midfielder we urgently need

    • Rafael

      Thats all nice and cool but Strama does not have a system! lol

  • Memo Memo

    sell him , add some millions to it then buy us fabregas modric or nuri sahin

    • indo_inter

      Just dreaming. . Lol


    he will be perfect for 4-3-3 next season, cant wait……….

  • Chainsaw69

    lol. One should be crazy to offer +20m for Guarin. Anything near that amount and Inter should take it.

  • Manuel Adrović

    He is fenomenal midfield player. Fast, good passing, good shot, strong, good tehnique. He is just not intelegent player so with good coach who knows how to use him in the game and give him the right directions im 100% percent sure he would be one of the best midfielders in the world. Did i forget to mention that we dont have coach who is capable of doing that?

  • Bagus Adityo

    i say don’t sell him, he would be perfect for 4-3-3 next season, if… he pass more often in a match

  • Hany

    sell the selfish man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hany

    and stramashit also!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mongkih

    maybe we despite him because the way that he struggling to fit onto the position that he’s not belonged to. maybe we should start support him. he’s the only fighter we own and still fighting for us with his heart. next season will be different since he’ll be at his own spot. the reason why sky put that price tag on his service should be reasonable right? it’s maybe our blindness that we forgot how prospective he is. IMHO

    • harendro

      If he was been told to shoot every time he had chances by strama then i’ll forgive him. But if he characteristicly stupid enough to wildly shoot like nowadays then sold him! But i think, he’s forced to shoot because no one in front of him that he trust to pass the ball, while at the same time he’s not the type to pass the ball back…maybe he should learn to be more patience and grow like yaya toure.

      • mongkih

        he’s not good at long shot, well, he provided with massive kick power but he’s not good at aiming, maybe he should learn more from dejan :D but i still believe that if he’s put where he belong then he’ll put on some good performs

    • Donald Dc Langelo

      as i told before in other comments, i do still believe in guarin, the problem is strama didn’t put him on right position, give guarin chance and don’t make same mistake like we did to Roberto Carlos

      • Inter DiHati


  • Achmad Faisal Amrie

    over 20 mio?? wooww..his price tag is really staggering!